3 Basic Smart Devices to Modernize Your Kitchen

3 Basic Smart Devices to Modernize Your Kitchen

Smart home devices are the best invention yet for our modern lives. There’s everything from smart door locks, to smart sprinklers – and everything is basically just accessible wirelessly straight from your phones.

To some extent, you might think that will make you lazier, but these devices are ideal for those with strict routines and endless days at work with no extra time to wait while their coffee maker brews the coffee, or to turn the car around and check whether they locked the front door.

Other devices like smart cameras have made it easier to watch over your home and even communicate straight from the camera and back, with HD quality video that also supports night vision and motion sensors.

Technology has come a long way, so why not invest in some Smart Appliances for your kitchen too? It might just make you feel more excited about going into the kitchen especially in a time like this where we are forced to spend a majority of our time at home due to the global pandemic.

Here are some basic Smart Appliances you could get to spruce up the kitchen vibes.

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker 

The Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker, known by its formal name Smart 12 Cup Coffee Maker, is the perfect device to have in the kitchen for all coffee lovers. And we all know how much Americans love their morning coffee! Pandemic or no pandemic.

The best thing about this Smart Coffee maker is that apart from flaunting some bold features, it is compatible with Amazon Smart Speakers – that means it can work by using voice commands to Alexa. It provides easy App control too with the Alexa app; voice commands or not, Alexa will have your coffee ready.

So did you ever think there would come a day where you could just kick back on the couch and call out to your virtual assistant for coffee? “Alexa, make me a coffee”, sounds pretty good, right?

The June Oven

This magical device is like having around 12 kitchen appliances in one. And no, it’s not a huge appliance that will occupy too much space, it’s merely as big as the average microwave.

Here are the 12 modes it features: convection oven, slow cooker, dehydrator, air fryer, grill, toaster, roaster, reheating food but better in texture than a microwave, broiler, warming drawer, a proofer and a pizza oven. Who needs extra appliances around the kitchen when you have the June Oven?

It also includes its own mobile application that allows remote control of the June Oven and alerts for estimated timing. It even streams a live video from inside the appliance so you can watch your meal in real-time! What’s even better is that the app gives access to hundreds of recipes of different dishes and cuisines.

Cosori Smart Air Fryer

Compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant, this smart air fryer by Cosori is the first air fryer that can be controlled with your mobile device.

Combining the speed of air fryer cooking as well as the health benefits of frying with air, this machine is now also much more convenient with its smart capabilities. The app has 100 recipes for you to try and the machine will let your smart phone know when dinner is ready!

Google Nest Wi-Fi Point

Switch things up in the kitchen with the Google Nest Point. To support smart appliances, if you were to get the Nest Point, it would be perfect to pair it with the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router for even better internet connectivity in your home.

When paired together the Nest Wi-Fi Router and Point work wonders. You can connect up to 200 devices at a time, meaning every single smart home device including smart kitchen appliances, along with every family member’s phones, laptops and tablets.

The Nest Point is a Smart Speaker featuring the Google Assistant and you know what would be great? Smart speakers like the Nest Point can be compatible with other smart devices even if the device itself does not feature voice commands, if synced to your Nest Point you can indirectly control them with voice commands.

For instance “Hey Google, preheat the June Oven to 180 degrees”. Amazing right? You can even search up recipes and have them dictated to you as you cook with the help of Google assistant. Or play some music of your choice from any choice on the internet while you do the dishes.

Of course there are plenty of other smart kitchen appliances out there, but why not have these 3 to satisfy all the basic kitchen necessities you could possibly have? Everyone has their own preferences at the end of the day but hey, you’ll thank us if you add any one of the above to your kitchen!

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