Most Popular Mexican Dishes

5 Of The Most Popular Mexican Dishes

Did you know that Mexico is the most visited country in Latin America? It also ranks as the tenth most visited country around the world.

Are you interested in visiting Mexico on your next vacation? If you are, you might be curious about the most popular Mexican dishes to try. This guide will explain what some of these dishes are if you want to taste them or make them yourself. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Chilaquiles Are a Must


If you’re looking for popular Mexican food to have for breakfast, chilaquiles should be at the top of your list. This traditional dish is made by cutting corn tortillas into pieces and frying them.

They’re also made with red or green sauce. Choose the red sauce if you want a bit more spice. Top the fried tortillas with scrambled eggs and cheese. You can also add pulled chicken, refried beans, and cream.


Making Mexican food is all about infusing it with cultural traditions and great flavors. Tamales are a staple eaten throughout the country.

They’re made using a masa made of corn. You can make the masa by soaking and cooking corn kernels in water. You’ll also have to hull the corn before mashing it into a paste. Or, you could get some masa harina to make your own tamales.

You’ll then have to mix the masa with lard and shape it. Fill the masa with chicken or pork. Lastly, you’ll need to steam the tamales in the corn husk to complete the dish.

3. Pozole Is One of the Most Traditional Dishes


Another corn-based dish, pozole, is one of the most traditional types of Mexican food. The base of this soup dish is made with hulled corn kernels.

The kernels are simmered with spices, red chiles, tomatoes, and pork. Garnish the soup with shredded cabbage, onions, and cilantro. It’s served with lime and tortillas on the side.

4. Enchiladas Date Back to Ancient Times


A popular Mayan dish included eating fish wrapped in tortillas. This ancient dish evolved into what’s known as the enchilada today.

Today, you can make enchiladas using corn or flour tortillas. There are many different versions of enchiladas made with chicken, beef, or fish. You can also fill them with cheese, beans, and vegetables.

Top the enchiladas with green or red salsa.

5. Tacos Are Beloved Worldwide


Tacos are one of the most versatile foods because they can be made with many ingredients. Fill your tortilla with steak, chicken, shrimp, or pork. You can also use veggies if you prefer to skip the meat.

Tacos are often topped with chopped cilantro and onions. You can also add the salsa of your choice to the top of your tacos.

Tacos are one of the most beloved Mexican foods in the United States, especially in the South. Texas in particular has developed many of its own versions of tacos and Mexican cuisine. If you want some cooking tips for other Mexican and Tex-Mex recipes, check out this Texas recipe workbook.

There are many popular Mexican dishes you should try. You can make chilaquiles for breakfast or try a variety of tacos when you visit the country.

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