5 Tips for Cooking with BBQ Tables

5 Tips for Cooking with BBQ Tables

The smoky flavor that good barbecue grills produce compare to no other flavors. They bring out memories of time around a warm fire with friends and family. In short, the BBQ brings people together.

To maximize your love of an outdoor bbq, consider purchasing a bbq prep table. BBQ prep tables hold a BBQ table grill along with all of your prep materials, making outdoor grilling an enjoyable and efficient experience

Keep reading to learn how you can maximize your use of a BBQ grill and accompanying BBQ grill table. 

1. Choose the Right Grill For You

Begin your grilling journey with the right grill for you. Examine the type of cooking you will do and the number of people you will cook for.

If you’re planning on just throwing a steak on the bbq grill after work, you will not need as big of a grill as if you were planning on entertaining an entire crew of friends every weekend.

You also need to consider which type of grill works best for you, a gas or a charcoal grill. Charcoal grills give the meat a smoky flavor and often burn hotter than the temperature a gas grill puts out.

Gas grills have less smoke and thus produce a cleaner grilled product. Ash does not get on food with a gas grill because of its green burn.

Pick the grill that works best for you.

2. Marinade For the Win

To maximize the flavor of your meat, soak your meat in an acidic, flavorful marinade. Pick ingredients with strong flavors like mustard, soy sauce, and honey.

You have to have acid in your marinade to break down the meat’s toughness. With that said, some meats require less marinade time. For example, less dense meat like fish requires less time to marinade than denser meat like beef and pork.

3. Stay Safe

When you grill food, you assume a certain amount of risk. You are working with fire and flammable materials, after all. So take the proper precautions to protect yourself as you cook.

Begin by following the instructions for the grill. Pay special attention to the safety instructions.

Then, purchase the appropriate safety tools. Look for heat-resistance gloves and cooking utensils with long handles. No amount of delicious food is worth singed arm hairs.

4. BBQ Grill Tables and Other Necessities

Purchase the necessary tools to grill when you begin your bbq adventure. Start by checking out good bbq tables. A table like a kamado joe table gives you a place to prep your materials and place the rest of the following necessities:

  • Large spatula
  • Long-handled tongs
  • Long oven mitts, dish towels, and hot pads
  • Long-handled pastry brush
  • Wood skewers
  • Clean platters and plates
  • Heavy-duty aluminum foil
  • Instant-read thermometer

These essential items will allow you to have the maximum fun and the most success in your grilling adventures.

5. Fully Entertain

Remember to do more than just cook your meat on the grill. Provide your guests with a full spread of textures and colors. Bring out savory bread and healthy desserts along with an array of raw fruits and veggies.

Enjoy the Heat

BBQ tables are essential items in a successful grilling adventure. They will give you the right place to place your necessary tools and maximize your fun and chance of success.

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