Free Range LA – About Us

FREE RANGE serves hot 'n crispy fried chicken sandwiches at the Farmer's Market on Little Melrose place every Sunday. We also offer a selection of baked goods, sweets, and house made soda.

Our inspiration is to cook scrumptious food only using Free Range poultry, Free Range eggs, and all-organic local products from young farmers and artisans. We love to build from scratch, brewing our very own sodas, preserving our own pickles, and mixing our own mayo, and if were buying, its from friends and local professionals who do a wonderful job in creating delicious goods, because quality comes from hard work and detail and with Free Range- a happy chicken is a good chicken!

Free Range is an independently owned and operated food service. Our Sunday brunches at the farmers market demonstrate our passion for comfort provisions.

We pride ourselves in offering a selection of delicious fried chicken, fresh baked goods, house made beverages and a rotating menu of weekly specials.

We are committed to raising the bar for a street dining experience, reflective to the enthusiasm and grace of California's farm & market culture. Our market brunch, deliveries, and catered events, echo the passion for cuisine, warm hospitality, and refined design. We honor food and community with innovation, style, and dignity.

We hope to see you for Breakfast or Lunch.

Free Range is our very own food service, and we are very proud of it. It took a lot of hard work and mind-boggling accounting to finally make this business gain motion. But it all paid off when we started to receive the same amount of enthusiasm from you guys.

We are very eager to share our knowledge of food with you. What we find most interesting is how we can enhance the food - the taste, the texture, the flavors, just by using different techniques of cooking.

Food is absolutely vital for survival, and it is always a source of great peace and comfort. In this day and age, however, everyone is too busy to bother with the minute details that go into making food.

One of the problems of modern society is that we have become very busy with our struggle in work life. So much so that cooking has almost become a luxurious art for people to do in their holidays.

Now, if you are looking for a convenient way to cook food, then we are 100% here to support you. We know that you can’t take out the time for cooking daily. 

This is why we come to you with review articles about kitchen utensils, easy recipes, cleaning products, and so on. We test all of the products ourselves and write about them only if we like them.

We understand that the kitchen can be an intimidating place sometimes. Especially if you have not been in the habit of working there regularly. This is why we are here with you. We give you everything you need in order to ease your way into the kitchen. 

Oh, another thing about us - we show up every Sunday in the farmer’s market to share some of our dishes with you. We are there to serve brunch specials at the farmer’s market.

Our initiative has attracted the attention of many of our onlookers, who have been kind enough to write about us in Eater LA, LA Times, LA Magazine, and a few other magazines. All good things, fortunately.

We endorse freshness in food. One of the reasons for which we have opened up this business is that we are passionate about cooking. It is therapeutic and calming. And cooking becomes even more rewarding to use fresh, organic food in our cooking and to know that we are giving you something that you won’t get anywhere else. 

The aim of our business is to promote food awareness. We must be aware of what we are putting into our bodies because it has such a strong correlation with how active our minds are.

Los Angeles is a bustling metropolis. The irony of living here is that you can’t afford to get sick, yet you are so busy that you often have to compromise your health in order to get all the work done.

As such, we care about giving you the best quality with every dish. We use unprocessed spices and seasoning in all our recipes. The rest of the items, for example, the meat, the flour, the drinks are all freshly prepared for you.

Street food has always been a source of comfort for hungry and busy people. But most food stations prepare food in a hurry, and often do not put much attention into the quality of products they use. We, however, use only the freshest and the most natural goods we can get our hands on.

Our aim is to make your experience with street food better. We are very grateful for the kind of support we have been receiving. Hope you will stay with us and let us serve you with all our enthusiasm and love for food.

Stay tuned for more exciting recipes and reviews! Toodles! 

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