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Free Range started as a blog for us to share our experiences with home cooking and using fresh, preferably free range, produce. We’re passionate about using the best of everything - from the best ingredients to the best kitchen accessories, if it’s good for your health or makes cooking easier, we want to know about it!

We are very eager to share our knowledge of food with you. What we find most interesting is how we can enhance the food - the taste, the texture, the flavors, just by using different techniques of cooking.

Food is absolutely vital for survival, and it is always a source of great peace and comfort. In this day and age, however, often people are too busy to bother with the minute details that go into making food.

One of the problems of modern society is that we have become very busy with our struggle in work life. So much so that cooking has almost become a luxurious art for people to do in their holidays.

We’re here to support and encourage you and help you to make the right decisions when it comes to choosing the best food, ingredients and kitchen accessories.

This is why we come to you with review articles about kitchen utensils, easy recipes, cleaning products, and so on. We test all of the products ourselves and write about them only if we like them.

We understand that the kitchen can be an intimidating place sometimes. Especially if you have not been in the habit of working there regularly. This is why we are here with you. We give you everything you need in order to ease your way into the kitchen.

In sourcing the best food, recipes and accessories we’ve also come to learn a lot about chicken farming and beekeeping - we love the idea of farming and then cooking our own food! From the backyard, to the kitchen to the plate!

We hope you enjoy our reviews (and ramblings!) and we hope that they might encourage you to spend more time enjoying cooking in your home.
Stay tuned for more exciting recipes and reviews!

If you have any further questions or wish to contribute to the site, please, contact us here.

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