Amazing Gift Ideas for a Chef

15 Amazing Gift Ideas for a Chef

Everyone has a relative, friend, co-worker, or loved one who’s a chef or at least is training to be one. That’s why it is always practical to have some choices when it comes to gifts for one.

Whether it is for holiday season, for a birthday, or just as a congratulating gift, having the right idea of what to give someone who loves cooking will boost that relationship exponentially.

To help you with the ideal gift, here we list 15 of the best options that any cook will love. Want to find out what gifts we’re talking about? Then take a peek at what we have!

1. A Cutting Board

Every chef or cooking aficionado knows that there’s probably nothing better than a well-made cutting board.
An oak or teak table for cutting vegetables, fruits, meats, or just anything will probably improve the life of the chef exponentially.

Especially if you get something that looks neat and stylish – there won’t be any gift alternative as enjoyable for a cook.

Focus on getting something that not only looks amazing but also offers durability and resistance over the years. On top of that, make sure it is easy to clean.

Something cute will make a great first impression, but something long-lasting & practical will make the person remember you for years.

Check out this top quality cutting board.

2. A Set of Mixing Bowls

A Set of Mixing Bowls

Mixing vegetables or fruits in bowls is what most beginner chefs like to do. It is among the most practical and easier way to prepare salads without having to use any utensil or hands.

You should go for stainless steel options here, or copper-plated ones for the most durable products.
Focus on a set that comes with at least three different sizes. If they have draining holes and comfy handles, that will make the job of the chef even better.

What’s sure, though, is that any chef will love one of these. Even if it is not useful for everyday recipes, it will sooner or later come in pretty handy.

Oxo makes a fabulous set of stainless steel mixing bowls.

3. A Kitchen Scale

A Kitchen Scale

Many people don’t know this, but the best cooks out there are always measuring the ingredients of their recipes so they can make the most amazing dishes with as much specificity as possible.

We recommend electronic scales for the best experience. They are as reliable and as precise as a manual or traditional scale, but they are way handier over time.

An electronic scale even offers the chance to go from Metric to Imperial modes if needed – so it doesn’t matter where the chef is from, they will get the most out of one of these.

And what’s even better, the LCD screen makes it easy to read the measurements. And with an electronic push or touch buttons, controlling the piece depending on the needs of the person is easier than peeling a tangerine.

It doesn’t matter how experienced the cook is, an electronic scale is undoubtedly an excellent gift option they will appreciate.

For a perfect set of kitchen scales, check out this one from KitchenAid.

4. A Smoking Gun

A Smoking Gun

Smoking meats always adds a touch of “non se qua” to the flavor, so having a smoking gun is literally improving meats with just a touch of a trigger.

Every chef knows that, either expert or beginner. So gifting one of these is probably going to keep them improving their recipe arsenal – especially when it comes to smoked meats.

The best of all is that a smoking gun helps to let clients see how their meats are smoked in real-time. So it doesn’t only save lots of time and effort that a smoking grill demands, but also helps to add some personalization to the process.

But a smoking gun also works for salads, mixed drinks, fruit drinks, and some desserts even. So you could say it is a product that every chef will thoroughly appreciate.

Breville makes a terrific smoking gun.

5. A Culinary Torch

A Culinary Torch

Similarly to a smoking gun, a torch adds the handiness of caramelizing or soft-burning food with a single pull of a trigger.

As easy as using a gun, one of these torches can add tons of flavor and texture to any food. Whether it is a piece of meat or chicken with sugar for a caramelizing effect, over red peppers for toasting the skin or even just melting some cheese in first person – they offer what no other product offers.

A chef who works directly with clients will not fail to love one of these. It is probably among the handiest gifts you can get someone who loves to play with fire – like a chef.

For a perfect Creme Brulee, check out this culinary torch.

6. A Smoker

Now that we went over the hand-held products, it is time to go over the largest ones. And here, we think the first thing to consider is a smoker.

While these can be pretty large and complicated to use if the cook is not experienced enough, the result is simply outstanding. In fact, a smoking gun will probably never deliver the same flavor and consistency that a real smoker can offer.

For meats or vegetables, a well-made electric smoker can add tons of flavors that no other product will. And will probably come like a perfect addition to any chef’s kitchen.

For amazing smoked meats, get the chef in your life a smoker like this one.

7. A Grill

Want to impress a grilling enthusiast? Then get that person a grill.

Chefs always love when people give them tools to cook their food, and a grill is probably one of the best.
Apart from that, You can pick either an electric or a traditional model. So if you think a smoker is not a good choice for a specific person, then a grill will probably be.

You can pick either an electric or a traditional model. We recommend a modern electronic kind for the best result. And probably, that person still doesn’t have one.

And what’s even better, a grill may also work as a smoker depending on its features. So you will be getting both at the same time if you find the right model. Just imagine how happy you can make that chef.

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8. A Dutch Oven

After smokers and grills, nothing compares to a good Dutch oven.

The ability to prepare thousands of different dishes always gives a chef unnamable pleasure. And a Dutch oven is the right appliance for that.

Modern models come with so many functions and cooking options that any cook will simply be breathless at first sight. From simple baking to slow cooking, stewing, braising, and even roasting – the right model can do all of this and probably a lot more.

So don’t hesitate in getting a Dutch oven, is something even the less experienced chef will absolutely adore having.

The biggest name in dutch ovens has always been Le Creuset - any chef would be ecstatic to receive one of these!

9. A Pizza Oven

A chef will be able to bake a pizza practically in any oven. But an excellent cook will know that a Pizza Oven has no competitor in this matter.

The crusty borders, the soft inside, and the shiny ingredients on top are all difficult to achieve in a pizza – unless you have an oven specifically designed for that.

That’s what an excellent chef always strives for, to have the special products to cook and prepare their dishes in the best way possible. And that’s exactly what a pizza oven does.

This gift can be both a fantastic option for their place of work or their house. And the result will not only be the most fantastic pizzas ever but also a delighted cook.

Here’s a fabulous pizza oven for your chef friend.

10. A Meat Thermometer

Whether it is in the smoker, in the grill, or oven – a meat thermometer is always useful to measure temperature inside.

Every chef loves having a product that makes the preparation of their food easier. And a meat thermometer is precisely that handy apparatus that works like a gem without taking much space in their gear drawer.

This simply improves the cooking experience of the chef in unimaginable ways for a person who doesn’t cook. Especially those cooks who like to do everything perfectly and to the letter, one of these temperature measurers will offer what no other product can.

Care to make a meat enthusiast happy with their cooking? Then give that person a meat thermometer. They won’t fail to appreciate such a great gift.

11. A Hand Blender

A kitchen blender works wonders to make smoothies, while a hand blender helps to make almost everything else.

Chefs don’t want to let their preparations be affected by a machine, so they don’t use an automatic blender, but hand blenders most of the time.

Even if it is to prepare dough for a dessert or a sauce for pasta, the handiness of a hand blender simply has no competitor. And chefs always love having one of these – so don’t overlook this one.

12. A Set of Japanese Knives

Every cook needs the right set of knives. Otherwise, that person is just a kitchen enthusiast.

Cutting smoothly through food doesn’t only demand skills; it also demands a well-made knife.
That’s what Japanese knives are known for. Their ability to cut through almost anything in the smoothest way possible – not even European models do that.

We recommend high-carbon steel models with stain resistance. That would make any knowledgeable chef very happy – especially those who work with sushi and Asian foods.

This set of Japanese knives would make any chef very happy!

13. A Pair of Kitchen Shears

After considering a high-quality set of Japanese knives, you can go for the closest thing to that – a good pair of shears.

You may be thinking: “What’s a pair of scissors good for in the kitchen?” – Well, there are many motives to use one, so the real question would be: “What isn’t a pair of shears good for?”

From cutting bones to skinning chicken, snipping herbs, cutting vegetables, and much more – having stainless steel scissors will be fantastic for any cook.

14. A Knife Sharpener

Maybe you want to triple down on your gift with a set of Japanese knives, the shears, and on top of that – the tool that sharpens the blades.

An electric knife sharpener is probably among the most overlooked items of many people. This happens because not many people really care about the state of their blades – but chefs indeed do.

They know that even the best edges out there eventually need some sharpening.

That’s why giving one of these to a beginner, or experienced chef can make their life better.

Only for the amount of time and effort it takes to sharpen a knife manually, that would be enough to say that any cook will appreciate one of these.

15. A Chef’s Mitt

Most chefs tend to suffer a lot of burned fingers, hands, and wrists. So gifting them a mitt will probably save them lots of pain over time.

But not only that, but mitts also protect from cold and slippage. The grip and the overall thermal protection they offer are simply unbeatable by any other item.

So, why not give your friend chef one of these? You can even pick an exciting custom design and provide a fun item without spending much money. And it will probably remind them of you when using – so triple benefit there.

Give Your Chef Friend An Amazing Gift Now!

The date for giving the gift is getting closer, and you haven’t yet bought anything.

What are you waiting for then? With all the different options on this list, you will have enough to give 15 different chefs a different gift to each.

Focus on giving something that meets the personality of the chef. But if you don’t know how, just pick the most useful item of all – and that’s it.

There are plenty of options to choose from, both versatile and useful, so grab a great Chef’s gift now and make the chef in your life happy!

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