Best Benchmade Knife Reviews

Best Benchmade Knife Reviews with Comprehensive Buying Guide

This is a review of the best Benchmade knives. We look at the features and highlight all the benefits and shortcomings you need to know about before buying.

If you’re looking for a good EDC knife, you might want to get one from Benchmade. Benchmade knives are not the cheapest EDC knife models out there, but they’re, without a doubt, some of the best. These durable US-made knives open and close seamlessly and they hold an edge and resist corrosion very well.

Need a quick decision? Here's my Top 5 best benchmade knives picks:

Before jumping into the review, let’s see more reasons why you should choose a Benchmade knife.

Why Choose a Benchmade Knife?

Benchmade knives are premium-price knives. While other EDC knives go for as little as 20 or even 5 bucks, Benchmade knives can go for as much as 80 to 200 dollars. So why pay that much?

Though we’ll look at this more deeply later, we’d like to highlight a few reasons why Benchmade knives are such an excellent choice:

  • Benchmade steel – the blades are made from excellent quality steel like CPM-M4, CPM-S30V, and D2, which are enhanced with additives to offer improved resilience, corrosion resistance and edge retention.
  • Lifetime warranty – when you get a Benchmade knife, you get a limited lifetime warranty. In case you notice defects, getting a new knife or a refund is an easy process.
  • Smooth mechanism – manual Benchmade knives use an axis lock mechanism that is super easy to operate. They open and close smoothly and there’s no blade play.

Our Best Benchmade Knife Reviews

Well, now that you have an idea of what the best benchmade knife offers, dive into our Benchmade knives review and see if there’s a model that fits your needs.

1. Griptilian 551 Knife

With over 630 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, there’s no doubt that the Griptilian 551 Knife is a great selection for anyone looking for the best benchmade knife. So what makes this super sharp flick knife so good? Let’s see.

For starters, the blade is extremely tough. It is high-grade stainless steel that’s almost impossible to break. It holds an edge very well.

Being made of high-quality stainless steel also means you never have to worry about rust.

The handle feels like something between nylon, glass, and plastic, and it’s also sturdy. It has a ridged but comfortable surface for traction, making it extremely easy to use.

If you’re looking for a really easy knife for EDC, this one will work excellently. It weighs in at just 4.8 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to carry around. It’s also small enough to fit in your pockets.

Accessibility is super easy, thanks to the reversible pocket clip. The benchmade clip allows you to carry the knife with ease.

Most knives aren’t made with left-hand use in mind. This one is different. Everything, from the positioning of the lock to the design of the handle and blade is made for both right and left-hand use, to ensure everyone can use the knife optimally.

The lock mechanism of this knife is so smooth, one user said he found it fun to just open and close the knife.

There’s really no issue with this knife. If you find it a little big for your needs, try its mini version.

Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel, rust-resistant blade
  • Strong and ambidextrous lock
  • Ridged handle for a firm grip
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible pocket clip

2. Mini Crooked River 15085-2 EDC

Why pay over 150 dollars for a pocket knife? Well, a closer look at the Mini Crooked River 15085-2 EDC from Benchmade will tell you that this is no ordinary knife.

It’s made for those who want a sense of class while enjoying versatility and utmost durability.

This knife is made for the hunt. In that regard, it has an incredibly tough 4.5-inch handle and 3.4-inch blade. The blade is made of cpm-s30v steel, which is one of the most robust types of metal out there. It’s not only super hard and resistant to scratch and wear but also resistant to rust and corrosion.

But it’s not just rust and breakage that this construction solves. The knife comes super sharp and stays that way. You needn’t worry about sharpening it ever.

When using an ordinary EDC knife, you might have problems operating the opening and closing mechanism. This is no ordinary EDC knife, so that’s not an issue you’ll have to face.

It opens and closes seamlessly. The lock mechanism works flawlessly, ensuring the knife opens and closes without a struggle.

Operating the lock is super easy and it can be done with one hand.

The handle is nice and stylish. It’s made of high-quality wood. On it, there’s a lanyard hole, which increases the carrying and storage options.

Just keep in mind that the wooden handle might get slippery when it’s wet (especially with oil).

Highlighted Features:

  • Exceptionally tough and durable blade and handle
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Reliable axis lock feature
  • Reversible arrow clip
  • Lanyard hole for easy carrying
  • Lightweight – 3.29 ounces

3. Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

If you love versatility in knife style, you should dfinitely check out the Mini Griptilian 556 Knife. This EDC/tactical knife comes in several styles to suit different people’s needs.

On the knife’s amazon page, you can select between 6 handle colors, including black, blue, pink, and more. Apart from that, you get to choose from four styles. These include plain edge coated finish and serrated edge coated finish, and plain edge satin finish and serrated edge satin finish.

The knife is very well made, which isn’t something you’d get with one of those 30-buck knives. As the blade is 154cm stainless steel, you can count on it to give you a terrific balance between corrosion resistance and great toughness.

Even the handle is well made and pretty tough. Looks like a something in between tough rubber and plastic and it appears like it’s going to hold up for many years.

The handle is also very good to the touch. It has both smooth and corrugated surfaces to give you a comfortable but also firm grip.

You will love the deployment options. Opening and folding the blade is a smooth process and there’s a locking feature that keeps the blade in the open/closed position.

What’s more, the knife is lightweight and actually small enough to fit in your pockets. The blade is 2.91 inches long while the overall open length is 6.78 inches. When closed, the knife is just 3.87 inches long.

Some people have pointed out that the knife is rather small, but if small is what you need, the knife will be a perfect pick.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 color options
  • 4 style options
  • Small and lightweight enough for everyday carry
  • 154cm stainless steel blade
  • Super strong lock
  • Tough and durable construction

4. Grizzly Ridge 15061 EDC

The Grizzly Ridge 15061 EDC is a plain-edge, drop-point blade, manual opening knife with an orange handle and a satin finish. It’s a real beauty!

If you’re looking for the best benchmade knife for edc that is most aesthetically pleasing, then you might want to look at this knife. But the knife isn’t just about beauty. It’s really sturdy and it’s built for the hunt.

So, what makes it so strong? Well, the blade is American-made CPM-S30V steel, which is an extremely strong and tough type of steel. This steel is not only highly-resistant to breakage but also powerful against corrosion.

The handle is composed of glass-filled nylon, and thus very strong and durable as well. Being smooth with a textured center, the handle gives you a comfortable grip while preventing slippage.

With 4.3 inches of handle length, you can bet that you’ll have an easy time using the knife.

Opening and folding the Grizzly Ridge 15061 EDC is a breeze, thanks to the innovative turning mechanism. The clip is so easy to operate; you can do it with one hand.

You’re going to love the axis lock. It’s super strong, making the blade seem like a fixed type. Once you engage the lock, the blade is fixed firmly in the open position, allowing you to cut items without it shaking or moving.

The blade measures 3.5 inches in length, and it’s all sharp, giving you lots of room to make those cuts.

Like with other Benchmade knives, the price is a little on the high side, but it’s all worth it. The 4.6-star rating on Amazon doesn’t lie.

Go on and check out this beauty.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful design with a satin finish and orange handle
  • Built to last – the blade is the heavy-duty CPM-S30V steel
  • Incredibly strong axis lock
  • Textured handle for a firm grip

5. Bugout 535 EDC

The Bugout 535 EDC is yet another one among the best benchmade edc knives offering you several buying options.

You can get a serrated or plain edge version and you also get to choose the color between blue and gray.

The blade is 3.2 inches long while the handle is 4.2 inches long. That means you get enough cutting edge all without compromising the gripping surface.

We loved the way the handle is designed and we know you too will. Apart from being long enough and providing ample gripping surface, it is well textured. That means even if you’re opening with wet hands, there’s no worrying about the knife slipping. It stays in your hands without a struggle.

At the end of the handle, there is a little hole that gives you an additional carrying option. You can lace up the knife during storage or transportation.

The design of the blade is also worth mentioning. It is a drop-point blade, meaning it slopes down from the handle to the tip. This design gives the blade strength and resilience when making cuts.

Apart from that, the blade is crafted from CPM-S30V stainless steel, which happens to be super strong. The blade, is, hence, wear and corrosion resistant and its edge holds. You won’t have to worry about sharpening it for years.

Even with all the strength, the knife is light as a feather. Can you believe its overall weight is just 1.85 ounces? That means you can take it with you wherever you go.

Its also small enough to put in your pockets or backpack.

We found no issues with this product. Even the opening and closing mechanism, including the lock, works perfectly.

The Bugout 535 EDC goes for around 120 bucks on Amazon. Check it out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gray or blue handle options
  • Plain or serrated blade options
  • 3.2-inch blade with 4.2-inch handle
  • Textured, non-slip handle
  • Durable stainless steel blade

6. Benchmade 940-2 Knife, Reverse Tanto

Many users have heralded the Benchmade 940-2 Knife, Reverse Tanto as one of the best made knives for the money. It goes for a little over 160 bucks, and while that might seem like much, it is the features it possesses that makes it such a favorite to the people.

As you can see in the pictures, the handle is highly textured. It provides a nice, non-slip surface for holding the knife, and it comes in handy particularly when your hands are wet. Even though it’s highly-textured, the handle still feels great to hold.

In the mini-grip versions of the Benchmade knives, the texture is made of a nylon material, which can tear up your pockets if the texture is too much.

But in this one (940-2), the texture is made of G10, making it too soft to tear up your pockets.

One lovely aspect about this tool is that it is ambidextrous. That is, it is crafted for both right and left hand use. The knife’s design is uniform on the left and right sides, meaning anyone can comfortably use their dominant hand to operate it.

The axis lock can be operated from either the right or left side, adding to the tool’s ambidexterity.

Want to be able to cut items without a struggle? You'll benefit a lot from the super sharp CPM-S30V steel blade. It cuts with little effort.

Apart from that, the blade is super strong, and that adds to the durability of the knife and the resilience of the edge.

As some users have pointed out, the opening mechanism is a bit stiff at first but it gets better with each use.

Highlighted Features:

  • Built for the hunt – the handle and blade are extremely strong
  • Sharp edge right out of the box
  • G10 textured handle – doesn’t tear up jeans
  • Slim design and lightweight (2.65 ounces)

7. Mini Griptilian 555HG Knife

With over 80% of the users giving it 5 stars and just 1% giving it 1 star, it is easy to observe that the Mini Griptilian 555HG Knife has some nice perks to offer.

This knife is available in four color options – black, blue, pink and olive, and in both plain and serrated blade options.

You also get to choose between coated and satin finish for the blade.

The options are nice, but do you know what really makes people love this tool so much? It is the incredible quality it offers.

Everything, from the blade to the handle and the turning mechanism is flawless.

The blade is made of 154cm stainless steel. For those who don’t know, 154cm stainless steel is a type of stainless steel that has been enhanced with molybdenum. We all know that stainless steel is a robust metal. The purpose of the molybdenum is to make it even more resistant to corrosion.

So, with this blade, you never have to deal with rust.

If you hate sharpening your knives, this is the knife for you. The tough blade holds the edge superbly.

The handle is glass-filled nylon. That gives it two great perks – toughness and great looks. The handle is textured, making it non-slip and suitable even when working with wet hands.

One problem you might run to when using a budget knife is a faulty axis lock. Well, this is not a budget knife; it’s a premium knife that doesn’t come with that problem.

The axis lock is practical and it’s no much fun to use as it’s easy to operate. Moreover, the opening and closing mechanism works flawlessly.

If you’re looking for a small, slim and lightweight EDC knife that comes very sharp, go for this one.

Highlighted Features:

  • Robust blade – 154cm stainless steel
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Good axis lock designed for single-handed use
  • Tough and attractive glass-filled nylon handle

8. Benchmade 940 Knife

Perhaps you loved the Benchmade 940-2 Knife, Reverse Tanto, but you need something bigger. Well, how about its bigger version, the Benchmade 940? It has pretty much the same specs, only that the handle and blade are a little longer.

There are a few style options to suit your needs and taste. You get to choose between a plain and serrated blade and a coated or satin finish on the blade. The color of the handle is light green.

The feel of the knife’s finish is very nice, almost soothing, thanks to the perfect design of the blade and handle.

It is, largely, the smooth satin grip on the handle that gives the knife such a nice feel. Being made of an aluminum alloy, the handle is comfortable to hold for long hours yet strong enough to take a beating and last.

The reverse tanto blade also feels good to the touch. It is made of CPM-S30V steel. For those who don’t know CPM-S30V, it is a form of stainless steel that is crafted to provide the highest levels of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and toughness.

As you’ll discover, the blade is perfect for the outdoors. It’s super tough and its edge retention is awesome.

It is really how the opening and closing mechanism works. The knife opens smoothly and closing it isn’t a struggle. The axis lock works very well and when it’s engaged, the blade is firm and steady without that annoying play that you’d get with cheap EDC knives.

The blade’s length is 4.4 inches while that of the handle is 3.4 inches. The weight is 2.9 ounces, which is lightweight enough for EDC.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small and lightweight for everyday carry in the pocket or backpack
  • Nice mechanism – smooth opening and easy closing
  • Robust aluminum handle
  • Smooth satin grip on the handle for comfort

9. Adamas 275 Knife

If you’re looking for the strongest benchmade knife for harsh outdoor uses, then the Adamas 275 Knife is for you. This knife is designed like a tank, such that whatever you throw at it, it handles beautifully.

Unlike other knife varieties, which have nylon, rubber or plastic handles, this one has a G10 handle. The handle material is super stable and durable, and able to withstand huge temperature variations. This is what makes it so good as a tactical knife.

Using a knife with wet hands can be annoying, right? The knife slips from your hands too often making it hard to complete the task. Well, you’ll not face that problem with this knife.

The handle is textured and it has grooves and holes cut into it. These features hold on tightly to your hands, preventing the knife from slipping, even when your hands are wet.

It’s not just the handle that is robust here. Even the blade is superior. Its D2 stainless steel material performs exceptionally in not only resisting corrosion but also surviving rough use. It holds an edge very well.

On one side of the handle is a reversible pocket clip. This makes it super easy to attach the closed knife to your pocket or anywhere else you’d like.

Benchmade also provides you with a nice and sturdy brown sheath for carrying the tool.

There are two shortcomings you should know about before buying this knife. First, sharpening D2 isnt an easy task, but on the brighter side, you’ll almost never have to sharpen it because its edge holds.

Secondly, the blade is a little too thick behind the edge, making it not the best knife for slicing. You definitely can’t rely on it for whittling, but if you just want to chop through wood, it will work wonders.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-grade D2 stainless steel blade – for strength and corrosion resistance
  • Blade holds an edge
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • Sturdy sheath for storage and transportation
  • Non-slip handle

10. Benchmade Proper 319 Knife

When you see over 90% of a product’s users giving it 5/5 stars, then you know the product is really something good. Anyone looking for the best bechmade edc can never go wrong with the Benchmade Proper 319 Knife.

This plain-edge drop point knife is available in two color options – the red handle and the brown handle.

It is the design of the handle and the blade that makes the knife such a favorite. Let’s look at the features more closely.

The blade is crafted from high-grade CPM-S30V steel, which offers incredible resilience to rough use and corrosion. The blade is balanced superbly in the handle, making it firm, and ensuring the opening and closing mechanism is smooth and effortless.

Being made of CPM-S30V steel offers another benefit – the edge holds. In other words, you never have to deal with such problems as chipping or having to sharpen too often.

The edge comes sharpened and it will be a couple of years before it goes blunt.

Unlike other blades, which are too thick behind the edge, the blade on this knife is rather slim, making it perfect for slicing. If you need a blade for whittling or other needs where precise slicing is a must, then you’ll find the knife very useful.

One cool thing about this knife is that it’s just the right size and weight for a pocket knife; not too big, or too small, just the correct size. The blade is 2.86 inches long while the handle is 3.8 inches long. So, when close, the length is just 3.85 inches, which is small enough to put in the pocket.

As the blade weighs in at just 2.32 ounces, carrying it on a daily basis isn’t a problem.

Highlighted Features:

  • CPM-S30V steel blade for strength and longevity
  • Slim blade for easy, precise slicing
  • Comes super sharp
  • Textured handle that doesn’t slip
  • Small and lightweight for EDC

11. Contego 810 Knife

If you work a lot in a wet environment and you find that knives slip too much in your hands, it’s time to try the ultimate non-slip knife.

The Contego 810 Knife’s handle is built for wet operation. It’s not your ordinary textured handle. It is both textured and contoured for the ultimate grip retention.

In addition to that, the handle has grooves that conform to your hand excellently, further boosting the ease of holding on to the knife without slipping.

You’d think – hey, with all these contours and texture, the handle is going to rip my pockets apart. Well, it’s a good consideration, but there’s something we still haven’t told you. This is a sanded G10 handle. Unlike plastic or nylon, G10 is not rough enough to rip your pockets.

An added advantage is that G10 is robust, stable under extreme temperature variations, and resistant to moisture. So yes, you don’t have to worry about water damage.

If you need the best benchmade folding knife for tactical use, you'll find this one quite fitting, especially because of the blade and the axis mechanism.

The blade is CPM-M4 stainless steel, which happens to be a pretty strong and resilient metal. It’s suitable for rough use and it’s resistant to corrosion.

Additionally, the blade is designed in the reverse tanto style. This awesome design makes it possible to apply pressure to the tip without damaging the knife. It’s an unorthodox use, but the feature helps some of us open screws.

Some people have complained about the price – around 200 bucks at the time of writing this review. But, many have pointed out that the knife is exceptional and worth every penny.

Highlighted Features:

  • Incredibly strong and durable CPM-M4 stainless steel blade
  • Super tough and resilient handle
  • Textures and contours for the ultimate non-slip handle surface
  • Strong lock
  • Suitable for single-handed operation

12. Benchmade 940-1 Knife

Forget D2 and other types of blade metal. This one is made from CPM-S90V steel, meaning the blade contains carbon and vanadium elements. These additions give the blade superior fortification against wear and offer superior resistance to corrosion.

That means the blade is well suited for rigorous use both indoors and outdoors. You don’t even need to worry about sharpening it because it holds an edge exceptionally.

The reverse tanto design of the blade offers the knife improved resistance when making those cuts and gives the tip additional strength when digging holes.

Some knives are too thick behind the edge, making them unsuitable for slicing stuff. This one, on the other hand, is slim behind the edge, making it appropriate when you want to slice items.

What about the handle? You ask. Well, if you find your hands sliding too much when using a tactical knife outdoors, you might want to try this knife. Its handle has a fairly textured surface that gives you a firm grip.

The handle is 4.4 inches long, meaning you have adequate space for holding your knife comfortably.

To boost the gripping comfort, the handle is well sanded so that the texture doesn’t hurt you.

The axis locking mechanism works faultlessly. Therefore, the knife opens and closes smoothly and without needing too much effort.

If you’ve used EDC knives before, you’ll appreciate that the weight of the knife matters. Some knives are just too heavy to carry around or use comfortably. Well, this one weighs in at just 2.4 ounces! As it’s also compact, you can carry it around with ease and use it comfortably.

The only complaint we have so far is that the handle gets super cold in winter.

Highlighted Features:

  • Superior blade strength – CPM-S90V steel
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Holds an edge well
  • Compact (4.47 inches closed length) and lightweight (2.4 ounces)
  • Serrated or plain edge options

13. Barrage 583 Knife

If you’re looking for a pocket size EDC that won’t break the bank, you might want to give the Barrage 583 Knife a try. This is definitely one the finest EDC knives Benchmade has to offer.

The blade has a length of 3.6 inches while the closed length is 4.75 inches. Well, what is so special about this knife? Well, let’s see.

Constructed from 154cm stainless steel, the blade is extremely strong. It’s hard to break and it nimbly resists rust and corrosion. It holds an edge exceptionally, nullifying the need to sharpen from time to time.

Another feature that adds to the blade strength is that it’s designed in the tanto fashion. This great design gives the knife excellent pressure resistance when cutting tough items.

The well designed handle also performs very well.  It’s made of Valox, which is a kind of polybutylene terephthalate that is reinforced with glass fiber for unmatched mechanical properties.

Hence, the handle is super strong and stable, making it great for everyday use.

Having too much of a rough surface offers good protection against slipping, but then, it might make you a little uncomfortable holding the knife for an extended duration.

So, rather than placing too much texture on the handle, the manufacturer designed a smooth handle with notches. The little notches offer the needed non-slip features while the smooth surface offers gripping comfort.

Want a quick and smooth opening and closing mechanism? You’ll be glad to hear that this knife uses a spring-assisted mechanism for impressive speed, strength, and smoothness.

The reversible pocket clip and the Lanyard hole offer additional carrying options.

 The only issue is that the tip is very fine, so you might want to be careful using the knife as a prying tool, lest you end up snapping the tip.

Highlighted Features:

  • Spring assisted axis lock mechanism – for improved speed and strength
  • Tough and durable 154CM stainless steel blade
  • Grooves on the handle for increased traction
  • Pocket-sized – 4.75 inches closed length

14. North Fork 15031

Fancy, compact, and sturdy-made is the combination of features that best describes the North Fork 15031 from Benchmade.

There are two options for this – you can either get the G10 handle version or the stabilized wood handle. Both varieties look and feel great, although the wood handle type is a bit less expensive (by like 10 bucks).

The knife features a great flow-through design with the liners being held together by slick pillars. If there’s amazing thing the knife offers, it is the blade stability, which is brought about by the innovative design.

S30V is one of the toughest, most durable types of steel out there, and guess what? That’s what the blade is made of. As such, the blade is tough and hard to break, and it holds an edge excellently. Also, rust and corrosion aren’t problems you’ll have to deal with.

The drop point design of the blade offers added strength and resilience.

The North Fork 15031 is a small knife. Its blade length is 2.97 inches while the handle length is 3.9 inches. That means the knife is actually small enough to carry in your pockets or backpacks.

But that also presents one downside – the handle doesn’t provide much surface to grip on to. So, many people find the knife more useful as an EDC than a tactical knife.

Both the wood handle and the D10 handle are tough and durable, though most people prefer the D10 handle because of the added traction it offers.

Note however, that the D10 handle knife weighs a little more than its wood counterpart. The G10 handle knife weighs 3.41 ounces while the wood handle knife weighs 3.16 ounces.

The carry clip and the axis lock are other beneficial features that might interest you when buying this knife.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Strong, ambidextrous axis lock
  • Two handle options – wood or G10
  • Stainless steel blade with drop-point design for added resilience

15. Crooked River 15085

Are you looking for a slim and lightweight tactical knife made for the hunt? The is perfectly crafted for you. Yes, this tool is a bit pricey, but it has everything it takes to be called the best edc benchmade has made.

This knife has what they call a first-rate edge retention, thanks to the material it is made from – CPM-S30V steel. The stainless steel material is exceedingly tough, resisting wear like a tank.

If you’re working in a wet environment or a place where you’re worried about rust affecting your knife, then this knife would be a great option.

The corrosion resistance is exceptional.

For those who love a clip-point blade, this is the knife to get. Note, however, that the clip point design is not be very well defined. Still, we think it’s a good choice for a clip-point blade lover.

It’s not just the blade that offers you exceptional strength. The handle is also superior. It is composed of a resin-filled composite material that is super tough and durable.

Looking at it, you’ll think it’s natural wood, but it’s the nice design that makes it look that good. The cool thing is that it’s tougher and more durable than natural wood. 

The blade measures 4 inches in length while the handle measures 5.3 inches. That means you have enough surface for effortless cutting, and this is especially helpful when dealing with tough materials. Again, the 5.3 inches handle offers you an adequate gripping surface.

With so much cutting surface, you’d think the tool has to be heavy. Well, it’s heavier than all the other benchmade knives we’ve discussed, but we’d like to think 5.41 ounces is still within the lightweight limits.

Highlighted Features:

  • CPM-S30V steel for toughness and longevity
  • First-rate edge retention
  • Resin-filled composite handle – stronger than natural wood
  • Slim and sleek design

Why Are Benchmade Knives So Expensive?

There have been concerns that Benchmade knives are expensive. You see, most Benchmade knives go for over 100 dollars, with some models going for over 200 dollars.

The Crooked River 15085, for instance, goes for around 190 bucks.

Considering there are knives that go for less than 20 dollars, it’s easy to think the Benchmade knives are overpriced. But are they really?

For starters, all the top Benchmade knives, such as those we’ve featured in our review, have an average of 4.5/5 stars on Amazon. That should be a good sign regarding what users think of these knives.

Well, as many users of these knives have illustrated, Benchmade knives are worth their prices. Because, there are two choices. You can either pay 20 dollars for a knife and then deal with rust, a lost edge, and broken pieces, and possibly have to replace the knife several times in a year.

Or, you can invest in a nice, heavy duty Benchmade knife that never breaks or loses its edge.

Here are a few arguments that show the Benchmade knives are worth the price.

Smooth action

Cheaper knives have stiff or faulty closing and opening mechanisms. You end up with a sore thumb just working that lock feature. And if the mechanism isn’t too stiff, it’s too loose.

These are problems you won’t deal with if you get a Benchmade knife. Benchmade knives open and close smoothly and without a struggle. And, often, there’s zero blade play.

Premium materials

The budget EDC knives are made of ordinary steel like AUS-8 and 440c. The problem with such steel is that it doesn’t last. It gets scratches and bends easily and doesn’t hold an edge.

Benchmade knives, on the other hand, are made of high-grade stainless steel such as CPM-S30V and 154CM stainless steel, which are enhanced with other elements like molybdenum and carbon.

The high-quality blade isn’t just strong and resilient in tough applications but also resistant to corrosion.

An ordinary EDC knife hardly lasts a year depending on how you use it. Benchmade knives last over 5 years on average, and they don’t rust, lose handle traction, or lose the edge.

They may be expensive, but like most users of these knives, we’d say they’re worth it.

How to Sharpen a Benchmade Knife?

Sharpening a Benchmade knife is really not as complex as you’d imagine. Yes, the blades are excellent quality steel, making them a little hard to modify, but still, the sharpening process is rather easy if you have the right tools.

In this section, we’re going to look at a few ways of doing it.

Using a honing steel

Well, before sharpening your knife, you might want to check if the blade is really blunt or it’s just got a bent edge. A honing steel doesn’t sharpen or take off any material from your edge. What it does, instead, is to straighten that edge to optimize the cutting ability.

So, to hone your knife, just hold your honing steel standing vertically on the table, then drive your knife’s edge against the steel at a 20° angle.

Be sure to go from the heel of the knife all the way to the tip to ensure the entire edge is straightened. Also, try applying consistent pressure on both sides.

Knife sharpener

Now, to sharpen that dull edge, you can use a basic knife sharpener with a coarse side and a fine side.

Start on the coarse side then work your way down to the fine side.

To do it, place the knife sharpener on a stable surface, then place your knife’s edge straight in the sharpening slot without leaning to either side. Then, pull from the heel all the way to the tip. Do it a couple of times on the coarse side before moving on to the fine side.

Using a knife sharpener is pretty basic and it works great for beginners. But if the edge is really damaged, a knife sharpener might not suffice, in which case you want to try the next method.


A whetstone also has a coarse side and a fine side, and once again, you want to start on the coarse side before moving on to the fine side.

Before sharpening your knife, make sure you first wet the stone to create some lubrication. You can submerge it in water to get it thoroughly wet.

To sharpen, place your knife edge down on the stone at a 20° angle. It doesn’t have to be exactly 20°, it can just be something close to that.

Then, applying a bit of pressure, swipe from the heel all the way to the tip. Switch between the right and left sides to sharpen both sides of the edge.

The thing to keep in mind here is to maintain that 20° angle and to keep the pressure even. Also, if you notice the stone is drying, wet it with some water. Lubrication is very important here.

When sharpening your knife, you might want to do a tomato test before and after. A well sharpened knife should cut smoothly and effortlessly.

Here are a few tips to keep your Benchmade knife sharper for longer:

  • Don’t put it in the dishwasher – it’s just going to bang around in there and lose the edge. Just hand-wash it and dry it manually with a towel.
  • Store it properly – properly means with the edge protected by a blade sleeve so items don’t bang on it.
  • Avoid using it to cut metallic items

Fortunately, Benchmade knives are quite robust and unlike other knives, they don’t lose their edge easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Benchmade Knife

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get a lifetime warranty when I purchase a Benchmade knife?

Yes, that’s one of the perks of getting a Benchmade knife. In the package, you’ll get a written documentation of a limited lifetime warranty. In case you discover the knife is defective, or you’re not satisfied with it, you can return it and have a replacement shipped over or get a refund.

But remember, you have to buy from authorized dealers.

Who makes Benchmade knives?

Benchmade knives are manufactured by the Benchmade Knife Company, which is based in Oregon City, USA.

What are Benchmade knives made of?

Benchmade knives are made of excellent quality steel such as CPM-S30V and 154CM stainless steel, providing superior blade strength, resistance to corrosion, and longevity. The handles are also made of sturdy and comfortable to hold materials like G10 and glass-filled nylon.

What is so special about Benchmade knives?

The most special thing about Benchmade knives is the exceptional quality. Unlike cheaper knives, which break, rust, or become dull easily, Benchmade knives are strong and resilient. They hold an edge excellently and they don’t rust or deteriorate in other ways; at least not so fast.

They are also designed with a great axis lock mechanism, which makes opening and closing a breeze.

And to top it all off, Benchmade knives come with a lifetime warranty.

Where can I get a benchmade knife?

The most convenient place to buy a Benchmade knife is from the authorized dealer on Amazon. All the knives featured in our review above are sold by the authorized dealer, so you can be sure you’ll get that lifetime warranty.

Final Word

Which one did you settle for as your best benchmade knife? Some of the things to look at include the shape of the blade – whether it’s a drop-point, clip-point, tanto, or reverse tanto – the weight, and the size of the blade and handle.

What we can tell you for sure is that if it’s from Benchmade (especially those featured in our review above), then it’ll serve you well.

Benchmade knives are strong and corrosion-resistant, easy to use, and they hold an edge exceptionally. Don’t hesitate to invest in one (or more).

Remember, as always, your inputs are most welcome.

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