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If you raise chickens for meat, then you understand the relevance of having a clean pluck. You don’t want to sell your chicken when they are poorly plucked.

Suppose you were rearing a few chickens to put on your table, plucking them would be easily done by hand. But for those that raise hundreds of chicken for large-scale selling, plucking by hand would be tedious and the possibilities of delivering poorly-plucked chickens are very high.

That is why you need to switch to the easiest option, which is a chicken plucker. With a chicken plucker, you will be sure of making the de-feathering work fast and perfect. There is no room for error with a chicken plucker.

Now, it is one thing to decide to buy a chicken plucker and another to pick the perfect machine. Luckily, we came up with this article to make work easy for you.

We will explore the best chicken plucker out there, and also give you a buying guide on how to pick the perfect chicken plucker machine for you. We won’t waste much time, so let’s get down to business.

Chicken Plucker Buying Guide

If you were to go out to shop for an automatic chicken plucker, how would you go about it? Would you just pick the one that is on sale with the best price? Maybe you’d go for one like the one a friend or neighbor suggested to you. Alternatively, you might even go for the one that the salesperson talks the best about it.

Well, none of these options is bad to follow. But they are also not the whole package. You need to consider the features of the plucker and how it delivers. That being said, here is a look at the factors we considered before picking a chicken plucker kit;


The first thing that should pop in your mind is the power of the plucker. You obviously know how challenging it is to get started with the plucking. It is never a smooth process. That is why you need a machine that can handle that ‘messy’ process accordingly.

In this case, you need a machine with a powerful motor. A powerful motor will assure you of a unit that can run efficiently for a long time. When the motor is powerful enough, you can be confident of getting rid of the feathers without a problem.

A powerful motor will also mean that the machine is big. Some motors are powerful to handle like six chickens at a go. This means that they have a big tub for large scale plucking. Just choose according to your needs.

Keep in mind that a large machine can also be used as a turkey plucker.

Plucking Fingers

If you have never used a chicken plucking machine before, you should know that they do come with customized rubber fingers that rub on the chicken to pluck off the feathers. So, you need to consider fingers in different aspects.

First off, you need to consider the number of fingers in that machine. The more the fingers, the quicker and better the de-feathering job will be. The fingers should also be stiff enough to deliver effective plucking. Besides being stiff, the fingers must also be soft enough to be gentle on the skin of the chicken.

Cleaning Features

Some might call it the irrigation system, while others will call it the cleaning system. Either way, this is the feature that washes off the feathers that are in the tub after plucking the chickens. Ideally, go for a machine with inbuilt irrigation system. This gives you an easy time when you want to clean the tub once you are done with the plucking.


No, we are not talking about a small machine that you can easily carry like a briefcase or something. Assuming you are looking for a commercial chicken plucker, you will need to go for a heavy-duty unit that has a large tub with a powerful motor. But still, it must be portable enough. What do we mean by that? Basically, the machine should come with wheels to let you move it around with ease.

Ease of Use/Assembly

Above all, consider if the machine is easy to set up and use. Plus, it should be easy to maintain and clean as well. You don’t want to deal with a unit that will give you a difficult time when handling it.

Don’t forget to choose a unit from a recognized brand and one that is in your budget.

Our Top 5 Best Chicken Plucker Reviews

1. Kitchener Stainless Steel Heavy-Duty Chicken Plucker

If you are looking for a sturdy chicken plucker for commercial purposes, this beast right here would be the perfect choice for you.

This plucker is made of heavy-duty stainless steel that will not only serve you for a long time, but it will also resist the rust and corrosion from the water you will be using. It runs on a 1.2HP 120V 800W motor that delivers 280RPM. Furthermore, the machine is loaded with 92 soft fingers in a 20-inch diameter drum. So yes, this baby is large enough to pluck 3 chickens in just 2 minutes. It can also be used to pluck turkey.

We loved the fact that the machine is antimicrobial and FDA-approved. This means that it will deliver clean and healthy chicken that is safe for the table. The 92 rubber fingers are placed perfectly to get rid of the feather, dirt, and grime from the skin of your chicken.

The plucker comes with a sturdy tripod design for stability that is made from elastic carbon materials, along with two handles. Furthermore, this one comes with wheels to let you transport it with ease on and off-site.

If you are not using the machine for a few minutes, it will automatically power off for safety and protection. There’s also a safety stop feature if you need to bring it to a stop. By the way, the motor is water-proof, so you can wash this machine without worrying about water getting to the motor.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, you will have an easy time setting this machine up or de-assembling it. 

Worthwhile Features

  • It’s made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Simple and sturdy tri-pod design for stability
  • Waterproof motor and on/off switch
  • Automatic power-off
  • Handles and wheels onboard for easy transportation
  •  Easy to set up and de-assemble 

2. YARDBIRD 21833 Chicken Plucker

Our second contender comes in the name of 21833 from YARDBIRD, and it would be the best chicken plucker for you if you are looking for a unit that won’t cost you too much while still delivering the best.

This plucker comes with a reasonable size, and it is very much easy to transport. Just like our first product, this one is also made of stainless steel to withstand the outdoor condition and several uses without catching rust or corrosion.

This one comes with a more powerful motor, which is 1.5HP and can deliver 300RPM. Plus, it features a sizable 20-inch diameter tub that can comfortably accommodate the large birds. This baby can de-feather a chicken in just 15 seconds, which is quite reliable.

The plucker is loaded with 110 individual rubber fingers that will gently and naturally get rid of the feathers, grime, and dirt from the skin of the chicken.

When it comes to technological advancement, this machine has it all. It comes with a tub-proximity sensor, a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter), and an over-current protector. In other words, you won’t have any cases of over-current flowing to the machine. Also, it will shut down in case of a ground-fault. So yes, you’ll be safe enough as you use this unit.

Are you worried about the feathers remaining in the tub? Worry not because this machine comes with an integrated irrigation ring that has a standard garden hose connector. This lets you have effortless flushing of the feathers into the dedicated chute. All you have to do is place a slotted pail under the chute and you’ll be good to go.

Worthwhile Features

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Powerful 1.5HP motor with 300RPM
  • 20-inch diameter tub
  • Integrated irrigation ring for easy flushing of the feathers
  • Easy to dismantle for clean-up/maintain
  •  Transport wheels onboard
  • Over-current protector and ground-fault circuit interrupter

3. Plucker Ukraine Chicken Plucker Drill Attachment

If you are not into a delicate machine and you want a simple plucker that can deliver a good job on your small-scale chickens, this one from Plucker Ukraine wouldn’t be a bad choice for you.

This chicken plucker is so far the most different machine in almost every aspect. This one doesn’t come with a motor like the first two units. Neither does it come with a large tub. However, it is still designed to offer excellent plucking without being too harsh on your pocket.

It comes with a tinned steel housing that offers sturdiness and longevity. In terms of the plucking abilities, this baby packs on 21 soft rubber fingers. Okay, it might not be the commercial type-of-machine, but it can perfectly work for one or two chickens or one turkey comfortably. The rubber fingers are stiff but perfectly elastic to brush through the skin of the bird as they get rid of the feathers, grime, and dirt.

We have to mention that there are two types of fingers on this plucker. The ball-shaped fingers will remove the fluff, while the ring-shaped fingers will pluck the large feathers. Plus, the machine fits any standard drill for spinning it. Keep in mind that it doesn’t feature a motor.

Worthwhile Features

  • Tinned steel housing for sturdiness and longevity
  • Designed to fit any standard drill
  • 21 soft rubber fingers
  • Two types of fingers; ball-shaped for fluffs and ring-shaped for large feathers
  • Easy to carry around
  •  Easy to set up and maintain

4. VEVOR Stainless Steel Chicken Plucker

For that are more into the looks of a machine and you want something that would look good in your kitchen or backyard, then you’d love having this unit.

The first thing to love about this machine is the powerful motor that it packs. It comes with a 1500W motor that delivers an amazing 275RPM. This makes it capable of handling two to four chickens at a go. The tub has a 20-inch diameter that can also accommodate a whole turkey.

The plucker comes with 106 large rubber fingers that are specially designed to offer a clean plug. 56 of the fingers are on the barrel, whereas 50 of them are on the chassis. Now, after plucking the chickens you’d want to get rid of the feathers, right? Well, no need to worry when working with this baby. It comes with an inbuilt water pipe that connects directly to your water hose. Once you connect the water hose, the debris will come out of easily through the dedicated outlet.

If you need to move it around, just push it and it will slide with ease. It comes with four wheels for easy transportation and storage. We also have to mention that the machine features a waterproof on/off switch on the side. This gives you an easy time when using it. It also assures you of safety even when water splashes on the switch.

This unit comes pre-installed, so there is no need to start setting it up. It is very much ready to use as soon as you get it. You’ll also have an easy time disassembling it when you need to clean the rubber fingers.

Worthwhile Features

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • 20-inch diameter tub
  • 106 rubber fingers
  • Four wheels for easy movement and storage
  • Water-proof on/off switch
  •  An inbuilt water pipe that connects directly to your water hose hence easy debris disposal 

5. Plucker Ukraine Drill Attachment Chicken Plucker

Honestly, if you don’t have much to spend and you need a reliable chicken plucker out there, this one would be a decent pick for you.

This is another plucker from Plucker Chicken, and it is the cheapest unit on our list. It comes with a tinned steel housing that makes it strong enough and durable enough. This one is definitely the best pick or a commercial project.

The plucker is designed to be used with the standard drill, meaning that it doesn’t come with a motor like other units on the list. If you have a standard drill, just hook it to the plucker and it will spin it to de-feather your chickens.

The unit comes with 15 plucking fingers that cannot handle multiple chickens but can still work on two or so chickens at a while. It can also handle a single turkey decently. Ideally, use just one chicken on this plucker to get the best result and to avoid overworking it.

The best part is that this baby comes ready to use. No need for assembling it. Plus, you can easily carry it around in your hand because it only measures 14ounces. 

Worthwhile Features

  • Tinned steel housing
  • 15 rubber plucking fingers
  • Fits comfortably with a standards drill
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Comes ready to use. No installation needed

How to Clean Chicken Plucker Machine

So, now you have the suggestion of the best chicken pluckers to look for out there. Better yet, you have a buyer’s guide to follow when you want to choose your preferred product.

Assuming that you have decided on the plucker you will be buying, you will need to know how to take care of it. In this case, we are talking about how you should clean your chicken plucker.

When cleaning the chicken plucker, it depends on the machine that you have. Some come with inbuilt irrigation system while others will need you to do it manually.

For the inbuilt irrigation system, you just need to connect the water hose, open the water to flow through the machine and it will automatically clean the rubber fingers.

They will also come with an outlet or feather chute for eliminating the plucked feathers. In this case, ensure that there is a collection bucket. Ideally a 5-gallon bucket or near a drainage trench.

If you are doing it manually, you will need to dismantle the tub with rubber fingers and splash it with a water hose. Make sure that the water comes out with a high pressure to flush out the sticky feathers on the fingers.

Whether you are using an automatic or manual machine, ensure that you unplug it from the electric socket and switch it off before you start cleaning it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Chicken Plucker

Q: How Do Chicken Pluckers Work?

A chicken plucker’s main part is the rubber fingers section. These rubber fingers have been designed to rub on the chicken skin and pluck the feathers from different parts of the bird.

The fingers spin as they get to the skin of the bird and pluck off the feathers while at it. They get even to the most difficult areas like under the wings or between the thighs.

Q: Can you pluck without scalding the bird?

If you were plucking with your hands, then the answer is no. However, you can pluck the chicken without scalding (deep the chicken in hot water for a few minutes) if you are using a chicken plucker.

The rubber fingers do an amazing job at spinning and rubbing on the skin of your bird. Nonetheless, there might be some stubborn feathers that might not come off too easily. But scalding only helps to make the plucking job quick and better.

Q: How long can I pluck a chicken with the plucker?

Well, that depends on the type of plucker that you have purchased. Those with a powerful motor can only take 15 seconds to do one bird. But generally, it can take between 5 to 30 minutes to handle the job based on your machine and the size/number of chickens.

Q: How long will my chicken plucker last?

Enter your text here...Again, this depends on the chicken plucker that you picked. A stainless steel machine can last for a long time without breaking down or catching the common rust or corrosion.

Still, you need to take good care of the machine, store it safely, and follow the user instruction accordingly to enjoy the benefits.

Final Words

So there you go, we come to the end of our article. But we are confident that you now have all the necessary tips to help you find the best chicken plucker out there. Just make sure that you choose the plucker according to your project needs.

This should be in relation to the size of the chicken farm you have, the number/size of chickens you need to pluck at a go and the quality that you need. All in all, make sure that you go through the user reviews before settling for a specific chicken plucker.

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