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Top 10 Best Yellow Jacket Trap Reviews For The Money

Every family loves to have a spacious yard for kids and pets to run around and enjoy. Or maybe even just a nice, peaceful garden to hang up a hammock and read a book.

Unfortunately, it’s not just humans and pets who enjoy these idyllic surroundings! Unwanted guests sometimes want to join in the fun - just like the dreaded yellow jacket wasps!

These little insects can make our lives a living nightmare if we don't deal with them quickly. Luckily, there are ways to keep them at bay, one of which is the best yellow jacket trap.

Let's learn more about these traps as we wonder why can't every insect be like the hardworking and human-friendly honey bees.

Our Best Yellow Jacket Trap Reviews

To help you control the yellowjackets, we've created a list including the top yellowjacket traps you can find.

1. RESCUE! YJTD-W Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

Perhaps you’re not looking for fancy traps, but rather a simple one that gets the job done without being too complicated to understand and use. If that’s the case, let us introduce you to one of RESCUE!’s most simplistic but deadly products to erase hornets, wasp, and yellowjackets among others.

What you see is what you get; this trap is similar to a bag that you can hang at your preferred location infested with the insects mentioned above. Inside, it features an attractant with a sweet smell, which works luring the insects.

When the insects get attracted to the trap, they will access through a small hole at the top side.

Keep in mind that you must cut these holes before installing the trap. Then, pull the tab out, and add some water to get the attractant working.

But there’s no need to worry. These specifications come in a convenient manual provided by the manufacturer, which helps you understand every step of the process.

Buying this pack of six YJTD-W traps ensures a garden free of wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, and flies. You will barely need to use all of them, considering that one single trap is more than capable of killing an incredible amount of insects.

But, if you’re facing a large infestation, you’ll know when to change the trap once it starts stinking. When the odor becomes noticeable, you can dispose of the yellowjackets remnants and replace the YJTD-W trap with a new one.

Some people have recommended that you could remove the dead bodies and the fluid to refill the trap and install it one more time. We haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds interesting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Six-pack of Rescue YJTD-W disposable traps
  • Draws in an incredible amount of flies
  • Easy to install
  • Works with only a small amount of sugar water

2. EOMOO Reusable Wasp Trap

This yellowjacket trap might not seem like a big deal, but hear us out; it is an incredible mechanism that features modern technology to take care of wasps, and other similar insects.

One of the incredible features from this trap is the UV system. It uses a blue ultraviolet light that produces a dim glow to bait the insects. Unlike other traps, this one goes one step beyond by using a solar panel to gain energy and power it up.

You probably figured it out by now, but you won’t need the old traditional attractant to make this trap work. Instead, wasps will feel curious about the warm glow produced by the blue lights, and they will get inside, trapping themselves with no way out.

If you’re not sure how to use it, you can do it as follow; make sure to charge it during the day, and put it to work at nights. This process ensures there are no interruptions when the trap is getting rid of the infestations. There’s no need to worry about the batteries or attractant kits either.

Using this trap is quite easy too. Users need to add a little bit of water with sugar and flip the switch. Afterward, you need to hang it on the desired place. Because of the trap’s structure, you can also set it up over flat surfaces.

During our yellow jacket traps reviews, you’ll see many options that are worth considering. However, this product could be the best one of them all. The use of light technology to lure insects is outstanding. It offers an alternative that works slightly different, but it is very efficient.

Highlighted Features:

  • Double tunnels to trap the insects
  • Ultraviolet light produced to lure the insects
  • Powered up by a solar panel
  • Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly, and safe to hang around the house

3. RESCUE! 2-Pack Disposable Fly Trap

We didn’t think much of this trap when we first saw it. When compared to the others, it seemed to fall short in design and appearance; after all, it is just a bag, without anything too interesting to grab our attention. But, after trying it, we were highly surprised at how effective it is.

Let us preface this review by saying that, if you’re looking to erase a large fly population, this trap is one of the best for that task.

We tested a couple of these traps in an area infested with flies. The best course of action was to install them the night before, and see how they would perform the next day, we thought. Perhaps would it work?

And it worked. It surpassed our expectations.

Much to our surprise, there were clouds of flies gathering around the traps when we returned the next day. There were so many of them that the traps weren’t enough to contain them. It took us a couple of hours to disperse the remaining flies, clean the traps and set another pair of traps.

It has been two days since the tests began, and it still amazes us how well this trap works. What we initially thought was just another yellowjacket trap has turned out to be a serial fly killer mechanism that doesn’t let anything get away.

If you decide to try it, remember that the preparation requires patience. You must cut a small hole at the top of the plastic to get the yellow out. Then, proceed by pouring some water inside. By doing this, the bait powder gets dissolved.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly efficient attractant to lure insects, especially flies
  • Easy to install and to use
  • The perfect mechanism to drown the flies once they get in
  • Capable of catching large fly amounts

4. RESCUE! Trap for Yellowjackets, Non-Toxic & Reusable

Alright, people interested in buying this trap need to be aware that, for the baiting, they’ll need to apply rather unorthodox measures.

Old customers reached out to us, and they mentioned that the best bait for yellow jacket traps of this model is meat. With a little piece of fried chicken, for instance, the trap’s efficiency goes way up. If you’re having trouble getting this product to work, you might want to try that trick.

Using meat is a tip the manufacturer includes in the guidelines, but only as extra information. It seems like they underestimated what the meat can do.

Once you’ve figured it out, the trap works splendidly. It is an effective mechanism that lures and catches queens and workers, especially during those seasons where they are the most active. You can use it in the yard, or during camping.

This trap is a little different than the others. The attractant works quickly luring the yellowjackets through holes at the bottom. When they’re in, there’s no way of coming out, and the insects die of dehydration eventually.

After weeks of using it, the results have been incredible. We’ve seen a reduction of insects when we adjusted to the meat strategy, and we’re more than pleased with the trap.

Cleaning and maintaining the trap is not difficult either. It only takes a couple of minutes to get everything out of the plastic cylinder, which allows for a quick re-installation.

RESCUE! Yellow Jacket traps are a bit different than others, but they’re equally effective. After you figure out how to use it at its best capacity, this accessory becomes an ally for most households dealing with yellowjackets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Durable plastic cylinder
  • It includes an attractant kit for two weeks
  • Lures and traps queen and workers
  • Non-toxic
  • Quick maintenance

5. RESCUE! Trapstik for Wasps

When you’re having issues with not only one, but multiple pest species, this trap is the one you need. It works from spring through fall, ensuring there’s no insect proliferation during that time.

There is no risk of using the trap for a long time. It is a mechanism that doesn’t require the use of chemicals or dangerous substances to work. Furthermore, the appealing green color with the craft-like structure design allows you to hang it, mixing the trap with the decoration pretty easily.

When you’re installing it, the trap can hang outdoors and indoors. It is compatible with structures like a house, but it blends well near the trees too.

You probably took notice of how this trap is another product from RESCUE, like almost every other included in our reviews. The brand has proven its worth with incredible accessories in the past. However, we liked this one because of the innovative changes they did.

For instance, this new version includes essential changes for other species. One of those newer additions is the spikes at one end, which keep birds away; no more perching indeed.

The other new feature is the bird guards. There are no more risks of birds sticking to the trap’s surface. Unfortunately, birds are famously known for not being the smartest species, and it is our job to keep them from extinction.

Going back to the yellow jacket trap, it manages to do its job surprisingly well.

We tried installing three of them at a friend’s yard, which was infested by wasps. He was at the brink of desperation, but the traps delivered an incredible performance, and he’s now relieved as his family can reach the backyard pool without fearing for their lives.

Highlighted Features:

  • Redesigned trap version with new changes to protect birds
  • Capable of luring multiple insect species
  • Compatible with house structures, and outdoor trees
  • Gets rid of wasp infestations in weeks
  • Chemical-free trap

6. RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap Attractant Cartridge

Although it is not the most appealing yellow jacket cartridge supply, as it only seems like a dull yellow piece of plastic, this one still manages to be quite efficient at what it must do, which is luring the yellowjackets.

Like the previous product, you’d be able to use this one through the seasons, from spring to fall. The cartridge features attractant to lure and catch our yellow insect friends, be it queens or workers.

Still, it won’t lure honey bees, which is something we appreciate. For this reason, homeowners will be able to make good use of the attractant during camping or in the yard. Because of the non-toxic qualities, you could use it near the house without health hazards.

We mentioned before that the appearance of this cartridge is one of its flaws, but people can use it to their benefit as well. Considering that there aren’t complicated mechanisms taking place inside the container, using it becomes easier.

After all, there’s a reason why we included this cartridge in our list. Right? It is pretty popular among agriculture camps, zoos, campgrounds, and other areas as well.

Sure, it may not be the most good-looking cartridge, but as long as it gets rid of yellowjackets, the dull design doesn’t matter that much.

Another benefit of using this yellow jacket cartridge is the price. Even if you’re working on a low budget and need a quick solution for wasp infestations, this pack of 10-week supply is affordable, and it delivers results in little time.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Simplistic structure design allows easy application
  • Free of dangerous chemicals and other risky agents
  • Lures queens, workers, and more
  • Doesn’t lure honey bees
  • 10-week of attractant supply

7. RESCUE! Trap for Wasps, Hornets, and Yellowjackets (W.H.Y)

The reason this trap has made into our best yellow jacket trap list is because of how thoughtful the manufacturer is. It is a brand that puts a lot of effort creating the most efficient traps while still being careful with the environment around us. Their products work for wasps, hornets, and of course, yellowjackets.

After checking the manufacturer’s website, it was clear that they provide incredible customer service by adding sections to consult which insects are giving you trouble, and the possible solutions to deal with them. Also, you can check out your address at their site to see if they’re available nearby.

We received this yellowjacket trap that lived up to the brand’s reputation, and it did what they said it would do.

Upon using the trap, we could quickly tell how deadly it is. It features two chambers; one at the top, and one at the bottom. Whatever gets inside will never come out until you clean it.

The top chamber features a mechanism that will exterminate the insects by drowning them. On the other side, the bottom chamber ensures they die by dehydration. It is ruthless, but considering how dangerous yellowjackets are sometimes, measures like these are necessary.

Those two chambers are inside a durable construction capable of holding up during many seasons, and a long time overall. After buying, you’ll also receive the attractant kit, which will last for about two weeks, depending on how regularly you use it.

The attractant kit works well luring queens in spring. It doesn’t lure honey bees, though. So don’t worry about that.

Highlighted Features:

  • Outstanding customer service at the brand’s website
  • Efficient attractant kit lures yellowjackets
  • Deadly chambers to prevent wasps from coming out
  • Durable construction material lasts
  • It doesn’t use chemicals or dangerous agents

8. Aspectek Wasp Trap

In all honesty, we first decided to give these traps a try because of how beautiful they are. They look like little pumpkins with the orange and green colors, and we thought it would blend well with the house decoration.

But that’s not the only benefit of the container design. Thanks to its fruit-like shape, you’ll have the option to hang it near the trees at the backyard, and it will look pretty natural. The insects might not care about it, but we the humans do.

Whether you use it outdoor or indoor, you can be sure there are no risks for your family. It is a non-toxic trap that you can hang in the house, and it won’t intervene with your daily routine.

Once installed, the trap lures insects like the fruit fly. To make it work, you need to add your preferred bait inside and wait. The manufacturer included a guideline where it explains how to use it properly, and instructions to create baits out of ordinary ingredients at home.

Then, the insects get inside the trap through holes at the bottom side. When they’re there, flying outside is impossible.

After the trap serves its time, the spill-proof structure allows us to clean it and refill it quickly, without any risk of spilling happening.

With this trap, Aspectek has taken their place in our list and our homes, by providing an efficient, safe-to-use, and beautiful yellowjacket trap.

Highlighted Features:

  • A beautiful pumpkin-like shape that blends well with home decoration
  • Safe trap that doesn’t become a hazard for family members or food supplies
  • Works efficiently at getting rid of fruit flies
  • Unescapable trap for insects once they get in
  • It includes guidelines to use the trap properly and to create a lure
  • Spill-proof design makes maintenance easy and fast

9. Rescue Non-Toxic Yellowjacket Trap with Attractant Refill

To use the RESCUE traps at their maximum capacity, you’ll need the best lure a wasp couldn’t resist.

The traps include their unique attractant kit in most cases, but for some reason, you ran out of it quickly; whether it is because of inexperience, or because the insects aren’t giving you a break and you must use it non-stop.

In those circumstances, and if you bought the RESCUE YJTR Trap, this attractant tube is the one you need to cover you during those difficult times.

It is an attractant that works to lure queens and workers all the same. You can use it with your YJTR trap from the same brand from spring to fall, making sure wasps and yellowjackets don’t increase their communities in your house.

This product is made in the USA following standard regulations to ensure there are no health issues while using it. For that reason, everyone gets to apply it on their traps without worrying about poisonous substances or dangerous agents.

Many high-traffic locations use this attractant to fight off the yellowjackets infestations from zoos, parks, to open areas and benefit from using it.

We covered an attractant kit before. While that other one was inside an oval container, this one comes in nothing but a plastic bag. You only need a pair of scissors to cut the packaging and apply it.

With this product, even the most novice homeowner will be able to use the RESCUE YJTD Trap easily. It is a DIY yellow jacket trap attractant that will fight off multiple insect species populating your house.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compatible with the RESCUE! YJTD Trap
  • Works catching queens and workers
  • Doesn’t affect honey bees
  • Used by zoos, parks, and other open area locations
  • Doesn’t feature any chemical or dangerous agents
  • Affordable price

10. T BOX Wasp Trap

We’re starting our list with a trap that may not be the most decorative accessory, but it is the most effective to kill yellowjackets living near the house.

This trap is for people that are tired of seeing insects like flies, yellowjackets, and hornets populate their surroundings. We would bet that the see-through material used to create the container is a premeditated choice to allow us to see how those insects drown.

It sounds extreme, but we all know how dangerous and deadly the yellowjackets are.

Fortunately, once you receive this trap, the manufacturer also includes a manual to help you figure out how it works. They help you create the best wasp attraction mix to lure them inside and keep them locked.

Some customers have recommended using red wine and juice among other things; both liquids combine well with the attractant to lure the insects. Regardless of which one you use, try not to fill the container too much, or they will get out.

The trap locks and kills the insects without requiring the use of chemicals. When they’re inside, there’s no escaping, and the large container capacity ensures there’s room for a ton of yellowjackets.

If you’re still skeptical, we don’t blame you, but we do encourage you to give it a try. One clear sign of the efficiency of this trap is that, by the time we’re writing this article, this product is one of the most wanted online by people dealing with insect infestations.

Highlighted Features:

  • It attracts and catches wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, moths, and flies
  • Beautiful see-through construction material for the container
  • Suitable to use indoors and outdoors
  • Chemical-free makes it safe if there are children around
  • It includes a manual to help you learn how to use it properly

Things to Consider before Buying a Yellow Jacket Trap

There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you want to buy the best yellowjacket trap.

Durable Container

The key to getting rid of any constant issue is perseverance. If your house is going through an infestation, you'll need a durable yellowjacket trap that will withstand not only time, but weather conditions as well.

Most of the products in our reviews feature plastic which is not the best material, but will resist even in the hardest times.

We would like if the traps were capable of erasing the insects quickly, but that's not always the case. You need to be ready with the right tools in case the yellowjackets don't get trapped soon.


It may be tempting to use pesticides to kill all of the insects, but that could make things worse in the blink of an eye. Always try to use chemical-free attractants and baits to lure the yellowjackets.

Another benefit of using chemical-free yellowjacket traps is that you'd be able to install them near the house, if necessary, without having to worry about health risks.

Attractive Design

Even though it doesn't influence its capacity to trap insects, the exterior design of the trap allows us to blend it well with the house decoration, or to hang it at the trees without looking too out of place.

Again, it doesn't matter in the end, but if you like having your house look beautiful, traps like the one provided by Aspecteck is more suitable than others.

How to Apply It?

Installing the trap is quite easy.

If you're using traps similar to the RESCUE YJTD-W which seems like a bag, you need to find the dotted line at the top and cut it open. Then, pull the tab slightly out and proceed to add some water.

And that's it. Now you must hang it.

What to Do When Water Isn't Luring the Yellowjackets?

You might notice that on some occasions, the trap won't lure the insects. Try changing the attractant. Sugar water, red wine, and meat are only a few of the bait people use for their traps.

Safety Consideration When You Using Yellow Jacket Trap

Yellowjackets are infamous for being overly aggressive if you get even nearby them. If they consider you a threat to their lives or nests, they will most likely attack and sting you repeatedly. That's no fun whatsoever.

Keep your Distance from the Nests

Before installing the trap, make sure to keep your distance. There's no need to go close to the yellowjacket's nest because the trap will lure the insects out when they feel the need to search for food supplies.

Preventing the Yellowjacket Expansion

Setting up the yellowjacket trap will take care of them, but you still need to do your part in preventing their expansion. Considering that these insects are scavengers, keeping your trash cans locked would be a good idea too.

Protect the Honey Bees

And finally, another consideration to keep in mind is to prevent honey bees from getting near the traps. Don't use any bait that lures them.

Honey bees help to maintain the world's eco-system alive. We have to protect them the best we can.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Yellow Jacket Traps

Frequently Asked Questions

Are yellowjacket traps effective?

It is understandable if you're skeptical, as it seems too good to be real. However, we can confirm the traps work. They manage to draw in many types of insects that have no way to escape afterward.

Where to place yellowjacket traps?

You can use the traps both outside and near the house. Most of the products listed in our best yellow jacket traps article are compatible with structures like houses. Also, they're chemical-free, so there are no health risks either.

Will yellowjacket traps work on wasps?

Yes, the traps work on wasps too. Other insects that gather around a yellowjacket trap are flies and moths among others.

Do yellowjacket traps catch honey bees?

It depends on what kind of attractant the trap uses. Fortunately, most traps are friendly to our hardworking bee friends. Still, always keep an eye out to see if honey bees are getting near the trap.

When to put out yellowjacket traps?

If you've seen an increasing amount of yellowjackets near your house, that's the moment to start worrying. The best way to deal with these insects is by cutting their proliferation, and these traps are there to help you with that.

Final Words

The best yellow jacket traps reviewed in this article help us understand that we don't have to succumb to these invader insects.

With only one of the accessories included in our list, yellowjackets will no longer be a problem for our homes.

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