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How To Keep Fried Chicken Crispy

Nothing beats the satisfying crunch of some delicious fried chicken. However, especially when making your fried chicken at home, one of the hardest things to do is to keep that fried chicken crispy.Firstly you have to create that crunchy crispiness in the first place, and then you need to know how to keep that crunch […]

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How To Make Brownies Healthier

If you’re a fan of brownies (and who isn’t?) but concerned about the huge amounts of sugar and fat found in every batch of brownies, we might just have the solution for you. We’re going to show you a few simple things that you can do to make any brownie recipe healthier. While this post is […]

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Coffee Roasting Methods

The key to the unique taste and aroma of coffee is its high-quality roasting. This process is quite complex and requires adherence to special technological processes. But this does not mean at all that it cannot be reproduced at home. Together with Coffiery we will discuss the types and methods of roasting coffee.Coffee Roast DegreesThe taste […]

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The Benefits Of Eating Ginger Root

Do you enjoy eating ginger? Fresh ginger is great for flavoring all sorts of dishes, especially asian inspired recipes, it packs a powerful and nutritious punch. Many people also enjoy drinking ginger tea, and then there’s the ever popular gingerbread man, made with ground or powdered ginger. Have you ever wondered about the benefits of eating […]

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What Is Buckwheat Honey?

You may have heard people talking about buckwheat honey and wondered exactly what it is and how it might differ from regular honey.This type of honey has created such a buzz that even Dr. Oz got into the action on his show when he talked about his flu prevention checklist and what supplements can help […]

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