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Taking a Close Look at the Most Common Edible Mushrooms

Did you know that there are some tribes in the Amazon that put meat and mushrooms in the same food category? This is because they see the nutritional value as equal between the two food types. 

Also, the ancient Romans would refer to mushrooms as ‘the food of the gods!’ 

Well, that’s a whole lot of reputation to live up to. We know that mushrooms are fungi and go great in omelets, but what else is there to know about this magic food? 

To start, there are many different types, so without further ado, let’s have a look at the most common edible mushrooms available today. 

Edible Mushroom Madness

We’ve all had that moment standing in the vegetable aisle at our local grocery store and being absolutely blown away by the variety that some fruit and vegetable categories can offer. 

The mushroom shelf is one in particular that can have oodles and oodles of different types to choose from. 

1. White Button Mushrooms

These are probably the most common edible mushroom today with the cute little white, perfectly-formed dome and each mushroom the same as the next in their package. 

This lovely guy can be eaten cooked or raw and goes well in soups and, of course, on pizza too. 

2. Mush-a-room Portobello

That was meant to sound Italian! 

Portobello mushrooms are the bigger variety we see very often and are very common in Italian cooking and recipes. Also, many people use these big boys as a substitute for meat in meals. 

Usually, portobello mushrooms are about the size of your hand. 

3. Black Trumpet Mushrooms

Black trumpet mushrooms are not nearly as good-looking as the guys that came before this, but they’re packed with flavor! 

Also, they’re a bit more of a delicacy when it comes to edible mushrooms because they boast a slightly sweeter taste, making them a favorite in fine dining menus! 

4. Mushrooms-a-la-Enoki Variety

Enoki mushrooms are the white little groups of mushrooms, and they look rather different from their white button cousins. 

They’ve got really thin stems that bunch together at the bottom, creating a ‘bouquet look’ with their little white caps. These are the best mushrooms for Asian-inspired mushroom meals. 

5. More Morel Mushrooms

The last mushroom on our magic list is the morel mushroom! Funnily, they kind of resemble coral from the sea and have a very distinctive ‘brainy’ look to them. 

Their taste can be described as earthy and nutty but beware, they’ve got a false friend who pretends to be them, but he’s poisonous. So be careful when out foraging for mushrooms. Learn more about morels before you head out to find them. 

For The Love Of Mushrooms

Edible mushrooms are the best mushrooms, they can be described by some of us as an acquired taste, and it’s very true. If mushrooms aren’t cooked properly, or they’re overcooked, it can ruin the dish that is laid out in front of us. 

Take your time to find simple recipes to start with as you journey into the magical world of mushrooms. 

We break down more great ingredients on our food and ingredients page; head on over there to find out more about all sorts of other foods and ingredients. In the meantime, enjoy your mushrooms!

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