Top 15 Gadgets That You Should Have On Your Kitchen

Cooking and preparing meals every day is not an easy deed. There’s a high chance it is the most time-consuming and exhaustive activity on your life apart from your day job.

It is so excruciating for some people that they end up hiring cookers or chefs to prepare those meals for them. But not everyone can hire one.

To save that time and effort, you won’t have to spend thousands in a kitchen manager to prepare all your meals. Instead, you can just spend just a few hundred in useful kitchen gadgets that save you time and effort.

Yes, as simple as that. A few gadgets in your kitchen can save dozens of hours every year. And that’s a lot of time that you can use for any other activity.

So, are you ready to start giving your time more value? Then keep on reading to find about those gadgets!

Our top 15 Kitchen Gadgets

1. Digital Kitchen Scale

You don’t need to weight your food by sight. We know you care about your well-being, so you always try to eat as healthy as possible. For that, you’re always weighing ingredients to make the best meals possible.
Otherwise, you may just like to weigh everything and prepare the perfect recipes without a single gram over or under the mark.

For any of those reasons, there’s nothing better than a digital kitchen scale.

Focus on those with LCD screens and digital buttons. These will make your life better and improve how well you cook meals.

But also, make sure to pick something that meets your size demands. If you tend to make large meals, go for large options, but if you live alone and rarely make big meals – then a tiny scale will do the job. 

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2. Pasta Maker

Buying your own pasta and noodles is excellent because it saves you a lot of time. But sometimes you just don’t like what they offer or how they taste. In that case, you can make your own.

Yes, you just need to get the ingredients, prepare the dough, and then use the maker to create the pasta. That’s how easy it is.

We recommend pasta makers with rolls. You’ll just need to place the dough in the rollers, crank the machine, and let the dough get out on the other side for you to cut as you desire.

You will have homemade pasta that tastes however you prefer and at the same time costs much less than the one you find out there.

And if you don’t like hand-cranking the pasta yourself, some electric alternatives will do the job automatically. You’ll just have to prepare the dough and get it on the gadget. In just seconds and without much effort, the device will deliver some pasta ready for cooking.

That’s how fantastic one of these pasta makers can be. But indeed, it all depends on your needs and desires. 

3. Pasta Measurer

After you get your pasta ready for eating, you can then measure it before cooking.

This is probably not the most useful tool to have in your kitchen, but it can save you lots of time and prevent waste.

The best thing you can do is to get a pasta measurer that tells you the amount in portions. This way, you get something that immediately tells you out how much pasta you’ll cook depending on your personal demands.

Most pasta measurers are for large noodle pasta. But there are also some options for smaller ones – they’re just not as popular. Get the one that best matches your demands. 

4. Clip-On Strainer

A colander is always essential to have at home, but it can still be difficult and sometimes dangerous to use.
Handling a hot pot with boiling water inside can quickly become a huge danger when cooking.

If you prefer avoiding that danger, we recommend a clip-on strainer.

They attach directly on the border of the pot and give you the chance to get rid of the boiling water without letting the food fall down.

You’ll simply have to turn the pot to the side and let the water out. It will get rid of all the water through tiny holes while keeping the food inside so you can save time and some effort.

Safe and hugely convenient – a silicone clip-on strainer is also easier to clean and much more affordable than any colander. So, why would you ignore it? 

5. Herb Saver

Keeping your herbs and some vegetables fresh is not an easy job. Even if you have a completely functional freezer that doesn’t have any problem cooling – it is possible that your herbs won’t stay fresh for long.

Apart from that, the smell of vegetables all around your fridge is sometimes uncomfortable to the point of gross. Other foods may even start getting the aroma and flavor of the herbs inside.

To prevent any of that, you can get an herb saver. A simple yet highly effective gadget that keeps your veggies in their own compartment without impregnating the rest of your fridge – and it doesn’t take much space.

You can place one of these anywhere, from the door to the secret drawer, or just wherever it fits. And when it comes to cleaning, you won’t have to spend more than only a few seconds.

The veggies will last much more either out or inside your fridge, so there won’t be any smell to worry about.
Electric savers even come with water depositories that maintain the veggies on the right environment. This could add even more life to the herbs, making these savers an almost perfect addition to any kitchen.

6. Fat Magnet

This is a pretty unusual gadget, but probably the most useful in the whole list.

Why? Because we know fats are bad for our bodies. They make us sick as well and can have fatal effects. But we still need fat, so getting rid of fat in your diet is not doable or healthy either.

Instead, we can just focus on reducing the overall fat in whatever we cook. If that’s these case, there’s nothing better than a fat magnet.

Especially when it comes to meat and fried foods, a fat magnet comes like an exceptional tool to make them healthier.

You just need to get it over the food your either cooking or is already cooked, and the magnet will literally absorb a significant amount from it.

It won’t get rid of all the fat, but it will get rid of an enormous chunk that will make your meals healthier over time.

This is especially useful with soups and stews, especially the ones that contain fatty meats. But it will help you with any food.

The only downside is cleaning time. You will have to get rid of all the fat on the gadget after cooking. But it will be worth it. 

7. Vegetable Spiralizer

Instead of pasta, some people prefer eating a beautiful bowl of vegetables. But boiled vegetables are not always the tastiest meal.

If you want to get those veggie carbs in your bodies but in a different way, then you’ll need a vegetable spiralizer.

They make all kinds of spaghetti-like spirals that help you give more fun to your meals. And they’re also a little tastier if you know how to prepare them.

It will be like making pasta, but instead of dough, you use vegetables. Veggies like cucumber, zucchini, and carrots always give the best spirals.

You just need to place the veggie on the machine and crank the pusher. It will push the vegetable into a stainless steel cutter with force, and the end will be pieces of veggie spirals.

You will have noodles ready to cook, season, and prepare however you prefer. Add meat or some other ingredient for added flavor, and you’ll have the best healthy noodles out there.

Otherwise, you can use them to make salads more fun. With a little time and effort they take, they can be a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to make vegan recipes. 

8. Banana Slicer

If instead of spiraling vegetables you want to slice bananas, then a slicer is your go-to option.

It is a simple as just placing the slicer over the banana, and you’ll have as many pieces as you want.
It saves the effort and time of having to slice a banana in several parts with a knife. But the real advantage comes from the safety it offers.

The best of all is that you can use one of these slicers for practically any other fruit or vegetable. If you get a large model, for example, you may even have the chance to slice entire apples, carrots, and similar foods without wasting any of your time.

You’ll just have to pick between plastic and metal options. Of course, plastic ones are way cheaper and safer. But metal ones cut much more effective and last longer.

It all comes to your needs, but there’s no doubt one of these can make the slicing process much easier over time. 

9. Avocado Slicer

It would be sufficient to say that cutting an avocado open is not easy.

Even chefs sometimes struggle to slice an avocado the right way. Getting the core out and cutting perfect slices is just too hard with a simple knife.

For those cases where cutting an avocado is something you don’t want to do – you end up using a slicer.
A 3-in-1 model can help you rip inside the fruit with a knife-like top, slice easily with a grinder, and get the seed out in no time with its hook.

And all that while delivering perfect cuts and preventing an avocado mess.

Next time you’re preparing an avocado toast or salad, a slicer can be amazingly helpful. Similar to banana slicers, you’ll just have to pick between plastic and metal ones. 

10. Egg Separator

Separating the yolks from the whites takes more time & effort than people think.

Whether you’re cooking special recipes or focusing on getting the maximum amount of whites for your protein shakes with the minimum amount of greasy yolks – then an egg separator is your tool.

It is as easy as just cracking the egg and pouring the inside on the separator. The white will immediately pour down to a recipient while the yolk stays in the gadget.

This happens due to small holes in the separator that let the whites fall and hold the yolk. You just need to crack the egg the right way, and that’s it. 

11. Electric Coffee Grinder

We’re on a coffee frenzy nowadays, where everyone is drinking at least two cups daily.

But with this frenzy, we also get new trends. And one of the most popular is grinding your own coffee beans instead of buying already grounded beans or instant powders.

You won’t grind the beans by hand, though. It will take too much time and effort to do so, and you probably you don’t want to waste any. That’s why a coffee grinder is your best choice.

Without taking any of the flavors away and creating ready-to-be-prepared pieces of coffee, you’ll enjoy a magnificent way to create your favorite drink every day.

The best thing about one of these is the different modes they offer. You’ll have several different types of grinding options, so you can prepare coffee using your preferred brewing mode.

And to make it an even better gadget, you can always add your own ingredients to the coffee. Let’s say you add a stick of cinnamon or black chocolate to grind along. This will provide the perfect coffee result for any of your cravings. That’s how amazing one of these grinders can be. 

12. Magnetic Cutlery Holder

Why would you have a rack with forks, spoons, and knives, when you can have them all separated?
Yes, with a magnetic holder you can separate each one of your metal utensils at home without any problem.

You will have a safer and much more convenient way to access your favorite items. And that’s not all – it also makes it easy to keep clean and prevents any contamination.

Most of these magnetic holders are comprised of a large piece that attaches to the wall sturdily. Then, you’ll just have to stick your cutlery to it, using both magnetic layers and small clip-on for added safety.

Otherwise, you can go for only a knife holder. These are way more effective at keeping you safe from the most dangerous item in your kitchen.

You will appreciate the ease of use and overall convenience they offer over time. 

13. Potato Ricer

Love eating mashed potatoes? Well, now you won’t have to waste hours making some.

As easy as just chopping, boiling the potatoes for a few minutes, adding them to the ricer and then smashing until you have the softest result.

You’ll have your fluffy & delicious mashed potatoes ready in no time.

These are totally comfortable to use and don’t demand much effort. Some people even use them with a single hand and end up enjoying their favorite food in less than an hour.

With some electric ricer models, you can even add additional ingredients like already boiled carrots or shredded chicken. It will do the job of smashing everything for a grounded potato that tastes amazing.

They are usually made of stainless steel with two large handles, making the cleaning process easy. With one of these you’ll say goodbye to fork-smashing forever. 

14. Blender

Following the same sort of gadgets for food processing, it is time to meet the mixer.

Well, everyone knows about it. You will probably find one of these in every house you go to. But that happens because they are essential.

With new blender models, you can create the most amazing juices, seasons, soups, and much more without having to use hands or less effective processes.

An ideal electric blender will come with at least 5 different levels and different modes so you can blend food however you prefer.

From butter to fruit yogurt, ice-cream, frappe, and much more – using a blender can be a total time saver but also amazing to enjoy your favorite foods without effort.

The only problem is that most blenders are annoying to clean. If you get the right model with a self-cleaning mode, you may end up saving even more time blending your food.

15. Food Processor 

You could say a food processor is what comes between a slicer and a blender.

It won’t just slice the fruits, vegetables, or any other food you put on it – but it won’t blend it all together either.

With a processor, you just get a product that cuts your food in little tiny pieces so you can prepare whatever you want with them.

It’s handy for people who want to save some time cutting their vegetables or fruits with a knife. One of these does the job in just a matter of seconds.

Similarly to a blender, though – cleaning can be a huge issue. But overall, the handiness and time-saving benefits have no comparison in the kitchen gadget world. 

Fill Up your Kitchen with Gadgets Now!

You won’t believe how useful having one of these is until you get them for your kitchen.

The time and effort you’ll save are just amazing, and they only cost a few bucks.

So, why keep wasting so much of your life that way when you can simply get a gadget that will do everything for you? Start valuing your time more and get one of these now!

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