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Top 15 Gadgets That You Should Have In Your Kitchen

We all spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether cooking for one or for a whole family, the process of preparing and cooking food is a part of our everyday lives, so we might as well make the process a fun and enjoyable one.

No one wants to “slave over a hot stove” if they don’t have to and that’s where kitchen gadgets come in to help save the day.

With the right kinds of tools and gadgets you’ll be able to save time in your kitchen and make cooking and preparing meals a breeze. But, what sort of kitchen tools do you need?

You don’t want to stock your kitchen cupboards and drawers with gadgets and gizmos that are just a gimmick and don’t actually work or save you any time. So, we’ve put together a list of useful kitchen gadgets that will actually save you time and make your life easier in the kitchen.

Our top 15 Kitchen Gadgets

1. Digital Kitchen Scale

Stop guessing and start weighing! If you’re watching your weight and following a strict diet plan a set of kitchen scales will be invaluable to you. When you weigh your food you’ll know exactly how much you’re putting into your body.

Not just for dieters and weight watchers, digital kitchen scales are so important for bakers. Measuring by cup or tablespoon works fine for some recipes but, for your baked goods, especially home baked bread and cakes to come out perfectly every time, you need to weigh your ingredients.

There are plenty of digital kitchen scales to choose from and they’re not expensive to buy. We especially like this one by OXO because, if your bowl is too big and blocking the display (which often happens!) you can pull the digital display out to make it easier to read.

But also, make sure to pick something that meets your size demands. If you tend to make large meals, go for larger options, but if you live alone and rarely make big meals – then a small scale will do the job. 

Kitchen accessories: kitchen televisions

2. Pizza Cutter

If you make your own homemade pizza (and if you don’t you really should!) you definitely want to have a professional style rocker pizza cutter around.

As they say in the ad for this one, “4 swift cuts and you’ve got 8 perfect slices of pizza”.

But, even if you don’t make your own pizza at home, this type of pizza cutter can be used for other things too. It’s like having a large mezzaluna style knife.

It works great for mincing up herbs but, where it really shines (apart from pizza cutting of course) is cutting up brownies, slices and bars. You’ll find so many uses for a pizza cutter in your kitchen and, if you haven’t made my homemade sourdough pizza yet, why not?

3. Mandoline

A mandoline might seem scary at first, after all they are extremely sharp! But they come with special holders to hold the vegetables so your fingers shouldn’t come to any harm. These nifty gadgets can slice fast and to perfection. You’ll never make a coleslaw or dice an onion as quickly and as neatly as you will with a mandoline slicer.

And, they’re actually pretty easy to clean. Sometimes with kitchen gadgets it can seem not worth the effort to use them because cleaning up afterwards takes longer than it would if you hadn’t used a gadget in the first place. But, a mandoline slicer really does just rinse clean quickly and easily so you should never be put off using it for fear of the washing up.

What’s more they usually come with various different blades so you can slice, grate and shred all with the one gadget.

There are lots of different types of mandoline and you really can’t go too wrong with them as long as you are careful. We like this one by Mueller

4. Clip-On Strainer

A colander is always essential to have at home, but it can still be difficult and sometimes cumbersome to use.

Handling a hot pot with boiling water inside can quickly become a huge danger when cooking.

One way to try to avoid the danger of spilling a pot of boiling water is to use a clip-on strainer.

They attach directly on the edge of the pot and allow you to get rid of the boiling water without losing all your food down the drain.

You’ll simply have to turn the pot to the side and let the water out. It will get rid of all the water through tiny holes while keeping the food inside - simple but effective.

Safe and hugely convenient – a silicone clip-on strainer is also easier to clean and much more affordable than any colander. Definitely a kitchen gadget worth considering.

5. Herb Saver

Keeping your herbs and some vegetables fresh is not an easy job. Sometimes it seems as though your freshly bought herbs have wilted and gone limp within only a matter of days.

Herb saver to the rescue! These nifty little gadgets can triple the life of your fresh herbs!

You can place one of these anywhere, from the door to the secret drawer, or just wherever it fits. You just need to remember to change the water every 3-5 days and your fresh herbs can stay fresh for up to 3 weeks!

We’d recommend the original and the best, the Prepara, even Oprah Winfrey is a fan of this very useful kitchen gadget.

6. Salad Chopper

If you’re a fan of chopped salad (and if you’ve never tried it you really should) you’ll love having a salad chopper in your life!

These handy gadgets make chopped salad (just like you can get at Subway) in a matter of seconds! You just have to throw all of your ingredients into a bowl and start chopping - you’ll have fresh, healthy chopped salad ready in no time.

There are a few different styles of salad chopper gadgets but we think these two work the best:

This one is a bit like a pizza wheel for your salad and comes with a big plastic bowl so you can toss it in and start chopping.

Meanwhile, if you’ve already got a large plastic bowl and don’t want another one cluttering up your kitchen cabinets, this great little gadget is compact and even comes with blade protectors so you can keep it safely in the drawer without hurting your fingers when you rummage through.

This one’s more like a rocker style pizza cutter for your salad, with two blades to make cutting and chopping twice as fast!

Quick and easy to use (and clean) and a fun and tasty way to get more salad into your diet - what’s not to love?!

7. Vegetable Spiralizer

If you’re trying to cut carbs or just reduce the amount of pasta in your diet, a vegetable spiralizer will be your new best friend.

Instead of just eating your vegetables plain boiled or steamed, liven them up by turning them into noodles!

These nifty devices can make all kinds of spaghetti-like spirals to help put more fun in your meals.

It’s just like making your own pasta, but instead of dough, you use vegetables. Veggies like cucumber, zucchini, and carrots always give the best spirals.

They’re simple to use, you just need to place the vegetable on the machine and crank the pusher. It will push the vegetable into a stainless steel cutter with force, and the end result will be lovely long lengths of vegetable spirals.

You will have noodles ready to cook, season, and prepare however you prefer. Add meat or some other ingredients for added flavor, and you’ll have the best healthy noodles out there.

You can also use them to make salads more fun. If you’re looking to get more veggies in your diet, a spiralizer can make them seem a lot more fun and interesting. Great for vegans, vegetarians, fussy eaters and anyone who wants to eat more vegetables.

8. Dough Scraper

If you ever intend to bake homemade bread, frost cakes or work with pastry, you need a dough scraper in your life.

This seemingly insignificant kitchen tool is something you might not realize you need until you have one but, once you’ve used a dough scraper, you’ll never go without one.

Invaluable when dividing dough or pastry (they cut through dough with ease), these kitchen gadgets are also fantastic at smoothing the frosting around the sides of your cakes. If you’ve got a cake turntable you simply need to spin the cake while holding your dough scraper in place and you’ll have lovely smooth frosting in no time.

Also great for scraping down benches and cutting boards, some are even sharp enough to chop and slice as well. They’re simple and cheap to buy and something no kitchen should be without.

We especially like this one because it comes with a cover to keep it safe in your drawer, but there are plenty of these on the market and you really can’t go wrong having one of these in your life.

9. Avocado Slicer

I think you’d have to agree that cutting an avocado open is not easy.

Even chefs sometimes struggle to slice an avocado the right way. Getting the core out and cutting perfect slices is just too hard with a simple knife. And that’s where the handy avocado slicer comes in.

3-in-1 model can help you rip inside the fruit with a knife-like top, slice easily with a slicer, and get the seed out in no time with its hook.

And all that while delivering perfect cuts and preventing an avocado mess.

Next time you’re preparing an avocado toast or salad, a slicer can be amazingly helpful. Like all kitchen gadgets, there are heaps to choose from but we don’t think you’d be disappointed with this one from OXO, it’s even dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze.

10. Egg Separator

Separating the yolks from the whites of eggs takes a bit of skill and practice.

Whether you’re cooking special recipes or focusing on getting the maximum amount of whites for your protein shakes with the minimum amount of greasy yolks – then an egg separator is your go-to-tool.

It is as easy as just cracking the egg and pouring the inside on the separator. The white will immediately pour down into a bowl or whatever you aim to catch it in while the yolk stays safely in the gadget.

Fun tip - while an egg separator is a handy gadget to have, if you haven’t got one, at a pinch you could use a slotted spoon - it’s the same idea, the yolk sits safely in the spoon while the white falls through the holes.

11. Electric Coffee Grinder

If you’re a coffee fanatic who likes making real coffee at home, take your coffee to the next level by grinding your own coffee beans with an electric coffee grinder. Don’t use pre-ground beans or instant powder, grind your own beans for the freshest tasting coffee.

The best thing about one of these electric coffee grinders is the different modes they offer. You’ll have several different types of grinding options, so you can prepare coffee using your preferred brewing mode.

And to make it an even better gadget, you can always add your own ingredients to the coffee. You could add a stick of cinnamon or black chocolate to grind along with the coffee beans to truly add your own flavor to your favorite drink.

12. Magnetic Knife Strip

If you’re looking for a safe, convenient way to store and access your kitchen knives, look no further than a magnetic knife strip. They’re easy to clean and prevent cross contamination that can occur using a traditional wooden knife block.

They’re simply designed - usually just a large magnetic strip of metal that you can attach somewhere convenient in your kitchen. Then, whenever you’re looking for a knife, your whole knife collection is easily displayed for you to choose the right knife for the job.

Cleaner than a knife block and safer than rummaging through your drawers to find a knife, a magnetic knife strip is a very handy gadget that would be a welcome addition to any kitchen.

There are plenty to choose from but we especially love these super strong magnetic knife strips - they’re made in the USA so you know they are top notch quality!

13. Potato Ricer

Love eating mashed potatoes? Wait till you try mashed potatoes made with a potato ricer!

Just boil or steam your chopped potatoes as you normally would then, once cooked, add them to the potato ricer - You’ll have your fluffy & delicious mashed potatoes ready in no time.

Not just for potatoes, these handy gadgets can also be used for mashing sweet potato, pumpkin and even making baby food!

They are usually made of stainless steel with two large handles, making the cleaning process easy as stainless steel is dishwasher safe. With one of these you’ll say goodbye to fork-smashing forever.

14. Blender

You will probably find a blender in every house you go to because they really are essential kitchen gadgets.

With new blender models, you can create the most amazing juices, seasonings, soups, and much more without having to use hands or less effective processes.

An ideal electric blender will come with at least 5 different levels and different modes so you can blend food however you prefer.

From butter to fruit yogurt, ice-cream, frappe, and much more – using a blender can be a total time saver but also amazing to enjoy your favorite foods without effort.

The only problem is that most blenders are annoying to clean. If you get the right model with a self-cleaning mode, you may end up saving even more time blending your food.

15. Food Processor 

You could say a food processor is what comes between a slicer and a blender.

It won’t just slice the fruits, vegetables, or any other food you put on it – but it won’t blend it all together either - unless you want to!

It’s handy for people who want to save some time cutting their vegetables or fruits with a knife. One of these does the job in just a matter of seconds.

Similarly to a blender, though – cleaning can be a huge issue. But overall, the handiness and time-saving benefits make food processors awesome, handy gadgets that are well worth having in your kitchen, especially if you do a lot of home cooking and baking.

There’s a wide variety of food processors available ranging from cheap and economical through to more expensive options. You’ll need to weigh up your choice based on the capacity you need and how often you’re going to use it.

Fill Up your Kitchen with Gadgets Now!

You won’t believe how useful having one of these is until you get them for your kitchen.

The time and effort you’ll save are just amazing, and most of them aren’t very expensive.

Bring back some excitement and fun to your kitchen by grabbing a couple of new kitchen gadgets today!

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