Garlic Powder Vs. Garlic Salt – The Difference Plus Easy Recipes

We, the human, need food to survive and prosper on this planet. We can consume any foods are available or nearby, but our intrinsic nature is to find tasty foods all year round. The fact is, our taste buds remain functional by means of having varieties of foods in taste.

The sourness, sweetness, saltiness, bitterness, and spiciness might be the most common taste variants we are looking for from our food.

The foods we are having right now are full of tastes and goodness. Our thanks go to those English and Spanish explorers who have identified the herbs and introduces and distributed so to the rest of the world.

That is why, we can delight ourselves today with foods which are not bland to taste rather yummy and tasteful, thanks to the spices and herbs around us.

The spices and herbs passed a very long way to have their current forms and tastes. Right now, we have the spices which mostly come in powdered form and can easily purchase from our neatest stores or supermarkets, which makes our life far more comfortable.

Many of us are being busy due to our respective jobs such as study, job, business, consultancy and the like. So, instead of making or mixing spices and herbs by ourselves following the chopping and grinding process, it is way much easier to get them from a shop nearby.

Garlic salt and garlic powder both are available to make your life easy as well as to make your dish quickly and conveniently. Albeit they are easily available in many parts of the world, both of them are quite popular and common with American foods.

The Difference Between Garlic Powder And Garlic Salt

The name- garlic powder and garlic salt are quite identical thus many of us got confused and failed to distinguish them easily. You need not worry at all as you are not the only one who is sailing such a boat.

I was also wondering until recently I get to know what are the core differences between garlic powder and garlic salt.

So, I will try my best to entertain you with my understanding and knowledge regarding both of them. I can assure you that I will try to simplify this writeup as easily understandable as possible for your better understanding.

And yes! From now on, you need not wonder when someone asks you what the difference between garlic powder and garlic salt is.

Garlic Powder


Let me begin with garlic powder, which actually is a pulverized garlic. Perhaps, the next question would be, how does it make?

Well, the making process is pretty simple. The garlic cloves are made available to let them dry for the next step. Once the cloves are dried, they are grounded until pulverized.

Many people claim that garlic powder is not as good as the real garlic. The argument here is, fresh garlic is always better as compared to the garlic powder.

Another point is, not all garlic powder available in the market are not made from pure garlic. So, it is always better to get to know the ingredients written in the packet of the garlic powder well before purchasing one for you.

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Garlic Salt


Garlic salt, on the flip side, is another type of food seasoning and is quite different from garlic powder. It contains dried garlic, anti-caking agent, and table salt- the main ingredient.

Usually, the ratio of garlic to salt is one part of garlic and three parts of table salt. Garlic salt, as like as garlic powder, is commonly used in cooking.

The aroma of garlic salt somewhat is similar to the garlic powder. The taste of garlic salt is quite different from garlic powder due to the ingredients used it is far different from garlic powder.

What is obvious is, the garlic powder is essentially diluted with salt. Nevertheless, if you want to have a little more aroma in with your food, it might be better to add some garlic salt.

Which One Is Healthier: Garlic Powder Or Garlic Salt?

You have already known that the main difference between garlic salt and garlic powder is the salt. And many doctors suggest that salt bring or at least, connected with several health problems.

  • 1
    Your blood pressure may increase when you take more salt with your daily foods. It really makes your health vulnerable to stroke and heart disease.
  • 2
    Salt comprised of sodium and the high amounts of sodium is associated with the increased risk of stomach cancer.
  • 3
    It is also documented that salt increases the rate at which bone lose calcium and therefore, it could lead your body to have osteoporosis.

The garlic powder, on the other side, has no amount of salt. Thus it could be a healthier food seasoning rather than garlic salt.

Can You Use Garlic Salt Instead Of Garlic Powder And Vice Versa?

Keep in mind that the garlic powder is comprised of pure garlic flavor. However, garlic powder can be a substitute for garlic salt as you can use so in making your garlic salt.

Garlic powder gives you complete control over your flavors. You can add as much as aroma through garlic powder you want or even as much as saltiness through table salt you want. So, you need not restricted only to regular or testing salt. In other words, garlic powder is very much versatile.

Garlic salt, on the other hand, is not adaptable at all when it comes to using so instead of garlic powder. You know that both the flavor of garlic and salt comes premixed with garlic salt, and the manufacturer determines the ratio of both.

While cooking, you cannot increase the flavors of garlic without increasing the salt. If you want a strong flavor out of garlic, you are also in risk to make your food further salty to eat.

If you want a more salty taste, you are also run the risk of making your food more garlicky than you might have wanted.

So, the conclusion is, the garlic salt works when you want garlic flavor in a limited amount and can cook your food carefully. If you want garlicky flavor more and can add table salt separately as per your need or wish, you can go for garlic powder.

Which Dishes Are Better For Garlic Powder?

Are you looking for the pure flavor and presence of pure garlic? Then, you need to choose garlic powder. I hope, this is clear to you!

  • 1
    In general, garlic is used with many types of food in the world in elevating the taste and flavors of the food while garlic powder is a suitable alternative to the regular garlic.
  • 2
    The garlic powder gives you the freedom to add a garlicky flavor to any sort of foods you want or need. When there is no need for a bulk amount of garlic, you can use garlic powder as well.
  • 3
    If you aim to make dry rubs for smoked or grilled meat, you can use garlic powder as well.
  • 4
    For thinner soups and soups and salad dressings, the garlic powder could be a great addition.

Which Dishes Are Better For Garlic Salt?

Garlic salt, on the other side, offers you more flavor of salt rather than just plain garlic. As mentioned before, garlic salt is way less versatile and offers you less freedom to avail.

If you want to add finishing salt, which you might love to sprinkle over your cooked dish, you might use garlic salt without any confusion.

Garlic salt is also useful for popcorn, season fries or raw vegetable to have both the flavors and salt.

How To Make Garlic Powder At Your Home? 

The preparation of garlic powder at home is quite easy and faster. You can grow whole garlic at your garden or yard, or you can buy the garlic cloves or whole garlic from a market nearby.

Making the powder out of garlic and preserving so for the future use means you are actually helping yourselves in the days ahead when it comes to adding some flavors with your food on a prompt basis.

It is amazingly swift, easy, and convenient to store your garlic powder in a jar on your kitchen. However, make sure that the lid of the jar is in good quality and can tighten the jar well.

I am going to demonstrate you how you can make your garlic powder at home without losing your sweat!


You only need garlic cloves, nothing else.

The Instructions

  • 1
    At first, you need to skin off the garlic cloves and cut them into several pieces.
  • 2
    The next step is to place those pieces into a food dehydrator or and microwave oven.
  • 3
    Set the temperature of the oven or food dehydrator to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • 4
    Let the slices to have proper heat until they become dry properly.
  • 5
    When you feel that the garlic slices are dry, try to crush them. If you can do so with your fingers and without any effort, that means, the slices are really dry now.
  • 6
    Let the slices to have rest until they cool down.
  • 7
    Grind them with a coffee grinder or a spice. You can also use a pestle or a mortar or a food processor in this purpose.
  • 8
    Take the powdered garlic and store them in an airtight jar.
  • 9
    Do not forget to place the container e in a dry and cool place.
  • 10
    Please, make sure to shake the jar every day for the next seven days from the point/days of making. It will help you to distribute any remaining moisture evenly through the garlic powder allowing the mold not to grow in the future.

Further Tips Related To Garlic Powder Preparation Process 

Garlic powder might be one of the common spices, and it is worth having so at hand for prompt use. The preparation process of garlic powder is really easy, and you can do so at your home at mentioned before.

If you make garlic powder on your own, it will save not only save your time but your cash as well. Keep reading following tips for better preparation and result.

Although you can get whole garlic all year round, you should try to make your garlic power when there is a season. This is because, during the season, you will get the freshest and finest type of garlic what you would not like to miss. Usually, the garlic season comes at the end of the summer and the opening of the autumn.

Ideally, you need to allocate the most time in preparing the garlic cloves as compared to other parts/steps of the process. So, to make this process quicker and easier, you need to cut the cloves’ tough end down first and then skin off the garlic.

If you want to keep the smell of the raw garlic away from your house, make sure that you do all the powder making process out on the entrance.

It is always better to avoid using a regular coffee grinder in crushing garlic slices. This is because, you will get difficulties in cleaning your coffee grinder and get rid of the garlicky smell afterward. So, try to use a different type of equipment or buy a new grinder for spices, if possible.

Consider to reuse your old spice jars instead of buying new jars to store your garlic powder. It will help you to save some bucks. Here, you just need to take your old jar and put a new stamp titled “garlic powder” and the “manufacturing or your preparation date” in it.

How To Make Garlic Salt At Your Home?


To make your garlic salt, you will need some garlic powder and salt.

The Instructions

You might have some garlic powder and salt in your kitchen. If yes, you need not buy garlic salt newly spending your money. This is because I am about to let you know how you can prepare your garlic salt at your home without putting much of your time and effort.


  • 1
    Mix up three parts table salt (any sort of salt would do the job) with one part of garlic powder.
  • 2
    Then, put the mixture in an airtight container you have.
  • 3
    Store the container in a dry and cool place.
  • 4
    Make sure to label up the jar so that you would not get confused whether it is garlic salt or another kind of spices. That’s it!


Making garlic powder and garlic salt is way much easier and convenient as you can feel. Of course, you would not require a lot of time to do such jobs. If you can prepare your garlic salt and garlic powder by yourselves, then you will definitely be able to save lots of money for sure.

Also, you would need to worry whether you are consuming pure and fresh garlic powder (or garlic salt) or not. So, why not to consider be tension free?

Enjoy your garlic powder or garlic salt or both and let me know your valuable experience.

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