Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

15 Amazing Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Birds are among the most exciting animals on the planet. And as such, they have tons of human fans all around the globe.

Probably one of your friends, relatives, or loved one is also a bird lover. If that’s the case, then you’ll want a good gift in case you want to impress that person on their birthday, graduation day, wedding day, or just as a formality.

And here we have some of the most fantastic gift ideas that any bird enthusiast will love for sure. Want to check them all and find your next gift to that special person? Then keep scrolling and find out!

Our 15 Gift Ideas for Birds Lovers

1. Binoculars


Any person interested in birds will undoubtedly want to watch them up close. But that’s not possible to do naturally with the timid behavior of these animals.

That’s why binoculars make the perfect gift for a person who loves watching birds.

If you get a practical binocular model, then you’ll be improving their avian-watching experience hugely.

Some models even come with 7x or 10x magnification, which allows the user to watch anything at up to hundreds of feet without any problem. Watching far-away birdies with one of these will then become a complete pleasure.

Give your bird loving acquaintance a high-quality set of binoculars, and you’ll make that person utterly happy.

There’s a huge variety of binoculars to choose from and you can get them at virtually any price point from bargain to expensive.

2. A Scope

While binoculars work really well with birds that are a few feet away – a scope goes up to the mile in magnification.

They aren’t as easy to use, but the ability to go even further to watch birds is something that any enthusiast will appreciate.

One of these would be an exceptional item to bring around on a trip to the marsh or woodland, where birds can be several feet away but almost impossible to see without one of these.

The right model offers a crisp image and brightness to the max, with additional protection against fog and water.

Focusing on a bird with a scope improves the bird-watching experience in many ways – so don’t overlook this gift.

3. A Binocular Tripod Mount

 A Binocular Tripod Mount

Some people like to grab their bird-watching gadget with their hands, but others do not. 

For those people who don’t like to be continually lifting and lowering down their arms, then a tripod mount will be a lifesaver.

They can be used from practically anywhere. A tripod mount can be attached on banisters, windows, car door, or sometimes even rocks and other sturdy points. What’s sure, though, is that one of these will make the overall experience way more enjoyable.

Want to help your friend rest his arms while watching his favorite birds? Then give them a binocular tripod.

4. A Telescope Telephone Adapter


If the person you’re giving a gift already has a scope or a binocular, he’ll probably also want a telescope telephone adapter.

Yes, it is an adapter for scopes or binoculars that points the camera of the phone directly into the visor of the gadget.

This will end up in the most beautiful recordings and photos using the magnified view of the visors.

No need to get a long lens when using the phone and an adapter will do the job. It’s easily among the most unique gifts you can get.

5. An HD Digital Camera

An HD Digital Camera

Maybe taking photos with the phone and scope is not enough. In that case, then a digital camera will do.

An HD camera that takes beautiful photos and records the smoothest video is something any bird enthusiast will appreciate.

If you get an excellent model that can capture slow-motion and bird mid-fly, that would be a huge advantage.

There’s probably nothing a bird lover likes the most than having photos of their favorite species. And a camera is the best gift for that.

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6. A Portable Charger

Whether it is the phone or the camera, a portable charger will boost the ability of the person to keep taking photos and recording videos of birds.

If you get a modern portable charger model, you may even get a faster charging process than with any corded charger. And what’s even better, they demand no outlets or any electricity source.

So if your friend loves going outdoors to be among birds more freely, then one of these will inevitably come like the perfect gift.

7. A Field Guide

Field guides allow people to know more about each location they go to. And when it comes to meeting some new bird species or just watching them in their natural habit – then a field guide is a perfect choice.

You can get a digital field guide that delivers a spot-rich virtual adventure. But nothing beats a physical field guide that saves a lot of phone battery and still manages to provide an excellent guiding experience.

From the illustrations of the birds to photos of places and much more – a field guide will be another excellent option for bird lovers who like to go out a lot.

8. A Bird Sound Library

A field guide will help enthusiasts know more about their favorite bird species by looks. But a sound bird library helps them spot these species by sound.

Yes, these libraries also exist and are among the most useful and enjoyable things you can give any person who adores watching birds in their natural habitat.

Some libraries like the Macaulay Library from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has almost ten thousand species and their distinctive sounds.

Finding a specific bird in the wild by following its sound is probably among the most entertaining things to do. So giving one of these to a bird fan would be an almost unbeatable gift.

9. A Portable Feeder

Apart from watching birds in the wild, feeding them is also a magnificent experience. And for that, you won’t find anything better than a portable feeder.

Fill it with seed, hang it in a nearby tree and wait for the birds to come to you - every bird watcher's dream! Feeding birds in the wild will be straightforward with one of these.

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10. A Fixed Feeder

Some people don’t like to bring their feeders around, they just prefer to set them up in their gardens or lawns. That’s where a fixed feeder comes into action.

Standing on the window or sitting on the porch while sipping on an excellent hot coffee will never be the same again for any bird lover. Now they will enjoy their favorite animals without having to get far from home.

Some models even offer built-in birdhouses in which any species can assemble their nests inside. That would be an even better gift for a bird lover.

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11. A Bag of Bird Food

It doesn’t matter how effective the bird feeder is unless it has food to offer. That’s why you should also consider giving away a bag with some food for their feeder.

This goes well alone if you know that person already has some birds at home. But to prevent it from feeling a little bit weird, you may also add the feeder along.

That would be the ideal gift for any person who wishes to let the bird get close. From an old lady to young bird enthusiasts, a bag of bird food with a feeder would be a perfect gift for sure.

12. A Bird-Themed Clothing Item

But the gift doesn’t necessarily have to be something practical for the birds – it can also be something that the person uses.

In this case, anything like a T-shirt, scarf, or even shoes themed with bird imagery would impress any person for sure.

Especially if that person loves wearing clothes of their favorite stuff, then you’ll be doing an excellent service with a clothing item boasting birds.

Here are some of our favorite bird-themed merchandise:

13. A Bird-Themed Accessory

There are thousands of accessories you can get any person who loves birds,

From page markers for books, keyrings with bird shapes, bird-themed spoons and kitchen utensils, birdie rings, watches, collars, and much more – anything that’s either useful or cute to wear will not be a lousy gift option.

It takes little to impress someone who loves something. And a simple bird accessory can be one of them.

14. An Adopted Bird

Few things will make a bird lover happier than an adopted bird. Well, let’s just say that nothing will make someone more excited than that.

You can get that person any species they like, from hummingbirds to canaries, a parakeet, a macaw, or even a cockatiel or budgerigar will be a fantastic option to consider.

They are all possible pet species that will make any bird aficionado cheer. Just try to get an adoption certification and a cage along with the animal. You won’t like to receive a preoccupied face of “Where do I put this animal now?” So don’t forget a little cage at least.

15. A Bird Lamp

Finally, you can consider a simple bird-themed lamp. These can be placed anywhere and are usually portable.

One of these can aid any bird enthusiast to enjoy some work, reading their favorite book in bed, or simply aid in adding visibility in the living room – a bird lamp acts both as decoration & a useful item.

We recommend desk lamps for those who are always working and living room lamps for people who are always enjoying the comfort of a cozy sofa. Whatever you go for, make no mistake a bird lamp is an exceptional gift for any bird fan.

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Get a Fantastic Bird Gift Now!

It won’t be easy at first, but after some thinking, you may end up with an incredible gift to give any bird aficionado.

Remember, there are multiple options to choose from, so get whatever you think is more useful or what that person needs the most. After all, it is not too hard to make a bird enthusiast happy – so don’t dwell on your choice.

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