18 Common Committed Grilling and Smoking Mistakes You Should be Aware of

Smoking meat ought to be fun, yet in case you're simply a beginner, it can feel like there is an excessive amount of stuffs you need to learn.

This can get unpleasant when your visitors begin to arrive exactly when everything is turning out badly. Before you know it, your companions are all "away" every time you have a BBQ.

In the world of cooking, both grilling and smoking are an artistic field to prove oneself. Claiming oneself a BBQ lover usually doesn’t satisfy the person until the perfection in taste appears.

You also have to consider knowing the possible errors regarding this process that could occur.

So it is important that we must discus about the possible deformities of Smoking & Grilling procedure. And, when one will learn about the possible errors, it will be easier for him to take precautions. Right?

Some Most Occurring Mistakes

Here, we have enumerated some of the most common mistakes that people often get into while smoking and grilling meat. Taking care of these should help you undergo the process a breeze.

1. Incorrect Tools And Material’s Uses

It is found that both experts and newbies tend to fall in this mistake. As a result, inconveniencies are typically the outcomes of this propensity.

Most often, you may use tongs to flip pizza, fish, brisket and burgers. No doubt, this is only one of those regular occasions when grillers utilize BBQ apparatuses inappropriately and at the faulty time.

Certainly, you don't need to cut through your burger bun, sliver your fish, or create hole in the pizza. So spatula will be appropriate to use in its place.

Quality tongs are suitable in case of hot dogs, ribs, steaks, chicken, skewers and pork chops. So far, one will realize that using the right apparatus will take him/her to the ultimate perfection.

2. Using Lighter Fluid to Light Charcoal Briquettes 

In case of emergency, lighter fluid is the best alternative to use. Though it is also the worst idea to use lighter fluid in the meat prep area. The smell of the fluid will end up messing everything. Even, it will affect the texture of your food as well.

It is better to use a chimney starter and light up the charcoal briquettes, though the process will make an extra effort indeed. It is a bit slow procedure but will not interfere the flavor.

3. Using Wet Wood Chips Or Chunks 

Don’t use soaked up wood chips or chunks as they will turn your cooking process slow. It has a cooling effect which will require more energy to get the required temperature.

If you are seeking for the traditional smoke food, generally it will take a lot of time. So an expertness in this sector and a bulk time investment will help you. In order you must need to avoid the wood chips or chunks to get soaked before its use.

4. Making Mistake In The Wood Selection

Note that the flavor of the food you have planned to grill and smoke is dependable on the wood you are choosing.

Ripe wood of any tree will provide the best possible flavor. Vice versa, unseasoned or the green wood will affect the expected texture of the food.

Green woods also don’t burn clean as the seasoned woods do. Therefore, using oak, hickory, maple, apple, etc. or any other seasoned hardwood will prove a better choice.

5. Over Adjusting The Temperature

One must know the best use of the device in which he/she will grill or smoke the food. It is necessary to maintain a medium or high-medium temperature.

Thinking to put the device in maximum temperature to get the finest taste is simply stupid. It will make your meat less juicy and rough rather than making them delicious.

It is also important to maintain the temperature not too low, because it will make the procedure lengthy. To control the temperature, closing and opening the vent can be the best technique to accomplish temperature strength on a normal flame broil.

This help increases the heat while shutting lessens barbecuing and smoking heat.

Herein, it is obvious to keep in mind that your grilling temperature will fluctuate depending on the recipe. Consequently, we would guide deliberately perusing your user manual to adequately utilize the correct amount of heat for specific barbecues.

6. Peeking The Lid Too Often

Excessive peeking should be avoided to maintain barbeque perfection. It interrupts the flow of required oxygen which maintains the taste excellence.

If someone keeps on peeking too much, it will also delay the cooking time. As to check the food when the lid is open each time, it will make a temperature fall from twenty to thirty degree. So unnecessary peeking must be ducked.

To dodge this hitch, use a remote thermometer after placing the meat in your grill.

Wait until your food is cooked to the approximate thermometer indications. If you feel something fishy, only then you may check once to correct it if possible. Or else, too much hastiness and anxiety may ruin everything.

7. Regulation of Fire And Air Vents

To make your grilling process right all the way, you must need to look after the air vents. Sometimes, lower air vent gets blocked and lack of air flow makes the wood to start smoldering. This causes to produce unwanted smelly smoke.

It will be many times impossible to get control over a big unwanted flame within the desirable time. So it is better to open the upper air vent and regulate the air flow through the lower air vent.

8. Wrong Conception of Making Excessive Smoke 

You must admit that excess of any thing is not good at the end. You might think that smoke is quite good and important for the smoking process, but unfortunately, thinking often results opposite in practical field.

You must acknowledge that excess smoke doesn’t mean excellent Barbeque outcomes. A tendency among the beginners is found that, they add too much wood which results a huge amount of smoke.

Contrarily, adding small amount of wood would make a required amount of smoke, which will keep the smoking process to the level of its excellency.

Excessive smoke creates an unexpected intense aroma, which makes the meat disgusting to eat sometimes. Oppositely, if you manage to maintain the right amount of smoke then your BRQ will be among the delicious ones.

It is also necessary to understand that keeping too low smoke supply is also not expected in this process. At least, it should maintain a level of consistency with the food you are preparing. It is better to keep the upper air vent open and let the air and smoke flow free.

9. Hood Thermometer Observation Technique

Many people make a silly mistake thinking that the thermometer is on the perfect location of the grill’s lid. This placement of the thermometer gives a slight different temperature reading as it is placed a bit distant from the grill gate.

In most cases, thermometer placement in the grill gate is very cheap. Therefore, it often shows the temperature of its above space atmosphere. Hence it shouldn’t be trusted 100% as it lacks accuracy.

Every meat lovers admit that, it is crucial to get the accurate temperature reading while smoking meat. So, one must not compromise with a good quality smoker thermometer for its little expensiveness.

10. Quick Cooking And Some Other Technical Issues 

Generally, everything goes on by its own characteristics, even cooking different food items also. It is not necessary that every item will take the same amount of time to be prepared.

Even in the grilling process, it is the cook who decides to run the process depending on what the item, equipment and recipe is.

People usually think that if they are cooking large amount of chicken, it may take more time than preparing less quantity. It is a very simple thing to realize that quantity has no role, which impacts the time to get ready.

In the world of cooking those who are beginner and those who are experts don’t hold the same value. An expert never thinks the meal is ready when he feels it but he does when the meal’s perfection scenario makes him think.

11. Being Impatient

Whatever the situation is, if you allow yourself to be impatient then at least don’t look for other things to ruin your BRQ perfection.

Once you are impatient, it will divert your mind and make you do unusual stuff which may hamper your cooking. You may also find at the end that, your barbeque texture was hampered just because you were too hasty.

One must be sure about his time flexibility before he starts grilling, as any kind of hastiness may hamper the recipe. Make sure to have all the necessary equipment ready before beginning the procedure.

12. Making Mistake In Meat Selection

Saving money is a common tendency among many people but sometimes this can turn into total loss project. One should not compromise while buying good quality meats from market.

You desire of best barbeque or smoked meat will be fulfilled only when the person will choose some good quality meats rather than poor quality or steal meats.

13. Beginner Experiments Without Prior Knowledge 

You may be a barbeque lover but if you are preparing barbeque or smoking meat for the first time, then it is better to learn some important stuff first.

Many people make these lame mistakes of experimenting meat without learning the smoker’s use properly. Learning your smoker is too important so that you can maintain the correct temperature.

If you don’t have any previous experience of smoking meats, then it is better to start with less demanding meat.  

14. Preparing The Smoker By Preheat

Preheating your smoker will end your work with perfection. Whatever your recipe is, you must need to know how long you have to smoke that particular type of meat. It is also important to maintain the starting temperature of the particular meat which you may get form its data based on the starting smoke.

So it means you have to heat the smoker properly to its demanded temperature before you start up smoking. You will also find the time duration of how long to heat by reading the recipe module.

15. Losing Control On The Grill Internal Temperature

You may try every possible way to keep the required temperature but sometimes you may fail to do so because of sudden weather changes.

Many times the weather outside may have a sudden temperature fall or a strong wind blows. So one must see if everything is okay inside or not.

If any changes in temperature drop is found then it must be corrected instantly to keep the process go on all okay.

Many smokers are not equipped by special monitoring systems. Often it happens that the sudden run out of charcoal or wood also causes the change in temperature. So it is better to check once a while if everything is going all right.

16. Changing Grills Setting Too Often 

Pre study about the recipe and procedure is very important. Beginners are often found experimenting with one setting and changing that after a while. It is a slow process of cooking since nothing can be acquired instantly if any sudden changes are made.

Opening the lid frequently and changing the air vent setting too often may cause a sudden rise in temperature. The particular temperature rise is unnecessary sometimes and should be maintained quickly but it seems a difficult task.

Therefore, if you want to maintain the temperature and control the whole smoking process better, it is better not to change the setting too often.

17. Avoiding The Meat To Rest Before You Bring It Out

Many don’t even know that letting the meats to rest would give them a perfect finishing. If we can wait few hours to cook, it  won’t be that hard to wait 10-15 minutes more.

If you never tried this technique before, then please, you must give it a try.

Instantly cutting the meats often spoils the flavor and it will not remain as juicy as you want it to be. If you wait a while patiently, you will get juicy meats as supposed to be.

18. Using A Single Cooking Zone 

When you are using a single cooking zone, the risk of undercooking will appear. As you are cooking, take care of both the side of the meat. Or else, one side will be over cooked and the other side will remain raw.


We expect perfection but don’t bother to find the mistakes and often become hopeless. If you intend to learn from your mistakes then you are on the right track.

This article will help you have a pre knowledge of possible mistakes you may commit. Not every but maximum possible flaws has been discussed here which may hamper your grill. So keep them all in mind and enjoy a delicious perfect traditionally smoked meat.

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