Ground Turkey vs Ground Beef: Which One Is Healthier?

People nowadays don’t compromise with their favorite meal items. Whether it is a spaghetti sauce or a meatball, maximum would prefer using beef instead of using other meats.

Currently, a debate breaks out every place which concern beef to replace with turkey. Where ever people are anxious about their health, they always makes a neutrino comparison before selecting their meal’s meat.

Many families started experimenting on their dishes and agreed to the fact, that they haven’t found far extent of taste difference in their meals because of meat changing.

So, it’s a very good opportunity for everyone to select their recipe’s meat according to their nutrition’s issue and taste. It is good for health to carry meal prep bags to keep every recipe and food right.

If you are seeking for the health fact, then nobody can surely say that one is healthier than the other or better in taste. It’s you to select whether to go for turkey or keep beef in their recipe.

Many statistics concern turkey as lighter meat and beneficial in comparison to beef. Rather, it will be better to make a decision after going through the facts of both turkey and beef.

Beneficial Nutrients From Ground Turkey And Ground Beef 

In this section, we compared the availability of advantageous nutrients in Ground Turkey and Beef. This will, hopefully, ease your decision in the long run!


Both beef and turkey doesn’t vary to that extent in case of calories. The 85/15 turkey is not as healthy as the 90/10 ground beef from a calorie and fat comparison.

A misconception that people goes through is that, thinking turkey contains less calories as they are from poultry. Ground beef can likewise be of less calories in the event that you pick the correct cut.

In every three ounce of skinless turkey piece, you may get 110 to 140 cal. On the other hand, same quantity of beef has max of 280cal. Those cuts of beef contains fat with more calories, whereas you may find the lean shoulder steak contains only 140cal.


The coordinate of beef versus turkey swings now as it comes to the point of protein. Every patty of both the meat contains 22g of protein.

The two kinds of protein can be beneficial for you, much the same as both can be not as much as awesome in case you're not watchful to eat lean.

You will find two to eight percent of iron in turkey where the same quantity of beef has it ten to fifteen percent. Forty milligrams of the breast of turkey has less cholesterol comparing 65 to 90 milligrams that of beef’s.

The amount of protein that muscles need can be sustained from both beef and turkey. One should also be careful to have both the meat in excessive amount to avoid stoutness.

It’s not necessary to select any particular meat for daily basis, eat them both in whatever manner you like to have them. However, stay alert about excessive quantity and at substance.

Fat Content

The argument in this sector brings a huge difference between two meats. It’s important to have meat which contain necessary amount of protein excluding extra calories. Here, you will find beef to be fattier.

Despite the fact that a best round piece can have as meager as 4 grams of fat. Whereas, a tenderloin contains 16 grams for every 3-ounce of ration.

Less fatty cuts incorporate the shoulder, sides, top round and lean of ground beef. You will find 1-4 gram of fats in most pieces of turkey which is relatively very low.

Yet, it is better if you skin off your turkey before cooking it. If you are having a turkey with skin, it will contain more fat of that without skin. A breast piece with skin will contain 7 gm and wing 11 gm, whereas the same pieces without skin will contain 1gm for a breast and 3gm for a wing.

Turkey lovers often seem satisfied with their choice of having turkey burger rather the beef.

It’s found that you can save yourself from near about 4% of fat if you switch to turkey burger form the beef one. Thus, this may seem not so much but it will help you to get rid of the extra amounts of fats that could get you bulky in the long run.


Ground beef has a bit less amount of cholesterol, than the turkey contains. According to a research, it is found that a person should have near about 300mg of cholesterol to maintain a healthy heart, on a daily basis.

An 85-percent lean turkey patty of 3 ½- ounce cooked will serve you 105mg of cholesterol. On the other hand the same 85-percent lean ground beef will get you 90mg of cholesterol.

In case of leaner ground beef, the amount of cholesterol will be reduced. A 95-percent-lean beef will bring down the number of cholesterol to 75 mg. whereas you will find no difference between an “85-percent-lean turkey” and a “93-percnt-lean turkey”.

Amount of Sodium   

Every day a human body can have sodium in amount of 2,300 mg at best. For good health, it is also needed in required quantity besides all vital nutrients.

A maximum of 90mg of sodium can be collected form a 3.5 ounce of broiled ground turkey. Whereas, the same amount of beef will serve you maximum of 72 mg.

You may appreciate ground turkey in this case, but people with high blood pressure should be watchful while having turkey in excessive amount. A person taking too much of sodium in everyday diet could get a stroke or a heart attack due to high blood pressure.

Amount of Selenium 

Generally, selenium is very well-known for its antioxidant work. Thus, it takes a very vital event in the functioning of immune system.

A 100gm of turkey patties have 27 ½ mcg selenium contents in it. Whereas, you will find it relatively less in ground beef. Though, the amount of selenium will differ in the variation of cut, you can acquire it’s 18mcg from the ground beef.


If you make a close observation in the case of micronutrients, you will find both turkey and beef same in many extent. Yet both will bring almost the similar benefits, so, it is better not to worry much in case of vitamin C, Zinc and iron.

Besides all these details, you should be careful when you are purchasing them. If you are a beef lover then try to have your favorite meal prepared with turkey in some extant. As you will find it best fitting in some cases than beef, also keep it in mind that beef is relatively less healthy than turkey.

To think one healthier than the other is not appropriate for all extent, as both turkey’s and beef’s fatty meat will differ in fat with their lean parts. So, if someone compares one’s lean part with the other’s fatty part then surely he will find an exception.

Dark meat of turkey and beef will give you more fat than light meat of turkey. And, you will find lighter meat leaner in comparing the darker one and beef.

Amino Acids

To prevent and control disease, body needs a required amount of amino acid. Which you will get both from turkey and beef as they contain adequate amount of protein.

They will also benefit you in their unique ways and they also contain a special amino acid in them.

Those who work out in gyms will find beef more beneficial as it helps the muscles with the backup neutrinos. Even in the growth of muscles, beef will be best to take as your daily diet in an appropriate amount.

Most people accuses tryptophan to cause feeling drowsy. Thus, turkey is one of them to contain it. For those, facing a bit problem with timely sleeping regulations can keep turkey in their diet list.

A research came with this conclusion that, the amount of tryptophan is that excessive which will cause sleepiness. Rather, the amount is perfect that assists in sleeping regulation.

Exception may happen if one is not concerned about eating in limits. As extreme amount of tryptophan will lead to the drowsiness.

Nutrients Comparison of Ground Turkey and Ground Beef both (93%lean and 7% fat)

Here, we have compiled an information chart of nutrients and daily value both for ground beef and ground turkey. For both Turkey and Beef, read on and calculate your choice to pick one over the other.

Calories: 162kcal (8%) on Beef & 176kcal (9%) on Turkey

Total Fat: 7.5g (11%) on Beef & 9.7g (15%) on Turkey

Saturated Fat: 3.1g (16%) on Beef & 2.5g (13%) on Turkey

Cholesterol: 68mg (23%) on Beef & 90mg (30%) on Turkey

Protein: 22.3g (45%) on Beef & 22g (44%) on Turkey

Iron: 2.4mg (13%) on Beef & 1.5mg (8%) on Turkey

Zinc: 5.5mg (36%) on Beef & 3.2mg (21%) on Turkey

Vitamin B6: 0.3mg (17%) on Beef & 0.4mg (20%) on Turkey

Vitamin B12: 2.1mcg (36%) on Beef & 1.5mcg (26%) on Turkey

Selenium: 18.4mcg (26%) on Beef & 19.0mcg (27%) on turkey

Taste and Some Basic Factors

You will find many beef lovers to stick up with their choice. As they believe that using turkey in their favorite meal recipe may make it less tasty. Actually, this is just their misconception and nothing else.

Dishes like tacos, sauces, soups etc. are equally tasty with turkey. The vital fact you should keep in mind is seasoning the meat in right manner. Taste will get a huge variation if you are not seasoning it properly.

It’s not necessary that you may feel the same but at least one could try to justify the fact. If you are careful about your meat purchase, you won’t find so much differences among them.

Concluding Thought

Beef lovers never compromise their favorite meal to get changed by other meats. Ground turkey is considered as one of the equivalent quality meat in comparing to ground beef.

In many recipes, you will find ground turkey is tastier than using beef. To some experiment, you may also consider beef to be non-replaceable by any other meats.

Both ground beef and ground turkey are good for health. They almost serve the same purpose in nutrients except some exceptions. Hence, both could be found bad for health if taken in excessive amount. So, be watchful to your daily diet and have delicious meals in your dining table with ground beef and ground turkey.

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