Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja

Magic Bullet vs Nutri Ninja: Which One To Choose

The blender market gets filled with new products every day. And among the many brands that are always producing the best products, you’ll find Magic Bullet and Nutri Ninja.

Here, we’re going over one of the best models from each brand so you can learn more about each.

So, want to know how they differ from each other? Then come further and learn!

Magic Bullet Overview

Small and incredibly practical, this blender combines a sleek design with a powerful motor.
It takes almost no space on your counter and makes it completely easy to use with a straightforward push-to-blend mechanism.

For those who are always looking for a simple and time-saving way to blend their fruits, vegetables, or herbs – the Magic Bullet comes like a great choice.

And despite all that, this is one of the cheapest yet most versatile options you’ll find. Achieving exceptional results without wasting time – that’s what you’ll get.

Keep reading and find out more about it!

Nutri Ninja Overview

Power in a compact design – the Nutri Ninja BL456 is easily among the most reliable blenders you can get for your kitchen.

It gets everything of use from veggies and fruits, including all the pulp, the vitamins, and the nutrients and more.

But it’s still among the simplest options, delivering a straightforward interface that anyone can use in just seconds.

Just get the fruits or vegetables in, and the blenders will do its job with no hesitation.

Fast, reliable, and magnificently blend-effective, this is a model that will never disappoint you.
Next, we talk about more of its feature – so keep reading!

Difference Between Magic Bullet And Nutri Ninja

1. Design & Parts

Getting familiar with a product you want is critical. This means learning about its parts and overall design. When it comes to these two, this is what you’ll get:

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet Countertop Kitchen Magician comes with a compact yet sleek design. It comes with three cups and two blades, so you can achieve the desired result according to your needs.

It is totally made of plastic apart from the blending system and the blade. Overall, it weighs as little as 4.7 pounds and has 13.6-inches in height.

What stands out about its design is the overall size that takes almost nothing of space on your countertop.

If you are currently living in a small apartment or you just need to save some space, then this is the blender design you’ll need.

Nutri Ninja

Similarly, the Nutri Ninja Professional Blender is small and compact, taking little space on any countertop. It comes with only two cups, one with 18 ounces and another with 24 ounces of capacity.

This one doesn’t come with additional blades, so you’ll have to fare with only one until you buy a replacement or alternative.

The plastic is sturdier than in the Magic Bullet, but that also means it is much heavier at almost 7.7 pounds. As for the height, you’ll find it at 14-inches which is very tall but enough to fit well on any kitchen top.

Overall, it is small but not as much as the Magic Bullet. Yet, being big makes it a little more potent. 

2. Ease of Use

There’s no point in getting a blender without not having an idea of how easy it is to operate. For that, we made a comprehensive comparison:

Magic Bullet

As for how easy each one is to use, we can say the Magic Bullet demands little to no work. By just pushing the cup down, the blender will turn on and mix anything from veggies to fruits, herbs, and even small nuts, grains or seeds.

First, though, you’ll have just to pour the ingredients inside, twist the blade on the cup and the place the bladed cup on the power base. Add a push, and you’ll have your blender working.

To add some convenience to the design, the Magic Bullet comes with a Flip Top To-Go Lid – helping to serve your beverages on the go if needed. You just open the lid and drink from it at any time.

Let’s not forget it also comes with a Recipe Book with everything from fruit smoothies, desserts, appetizers, to sauces and more. 

Nutri Ninja

On the other hand, you’ll find the Nutri Ninja with a slightly larger design than the Magic Bullet. It has the same push-and-blend design that makes it easy to use and no button at all.

The ingredient-pouring process is the same, so you also have a straightforward product in that sense. But both cups it comes with are bigger which adds more capacity overall.

This won’t affect how easy you can just place the cup on the blender and push to create any mix you want.
And of course, it also comes with Twist on the Spout Lids, ideal for taking your drinks along with the blender cup anywhere you go. Just open the orifice and drink directly from it.

You also get a recipe book, but this comes with slightly more options at 75 different meals to consider – from fruit smoothies to gourmet dishes. 

3. Performance

Probably the most crucial part of every blender is how it works. You’ll need to be sure of getting the right one here – so we compared both according to their blending capacities:

Magic Bullet

Delivering 200-watt of power, you can expect this blender to go beyond your expectations for its size. It will blend anything you pour inside, so you can make any kind of mix, whip, grind, or blend at any time.

It does this using a high-torque power base that turns on when the cup with the blade is pushed down.

Everything will fly inside to deliver a consistent and effective result.

It doesn’t matter what you put inside, it will make sure that you get precisely the result you want in less than a minute.

You can find it pretty useful for smoothies and juices, especially. 

Nutri Ninja

For power, the Nutri Ninja doesn’t only surpass expectations but also delivers much more than you even need in such a small design.

With its 900-watt motor power, crushing vegetables & fruits will be a completely smooth experience that doesn’t leave anything unblended.

This happens thanks to the Ninja Pro Extractor Blades, useful for any type of result you may need – including smoothing ice, grinding seeds, blending pulps, and more.

Just push down on the cup, and you’ll receive the best performance for the cost and size you’ll find.

4. Cleaning

Apart from the overall design, the performance, and ease of use – you’ll also want a blender that doesn’t take much to clean. For that, both of these options offer great results:

Magic Bullet

To clean the Magic Bullet, you’ll just have to rinse with soapy water, and that’s it. A few swipes inside to get rid of the residues will be enough.

Otherwise, you can get it on the top rack of the dishwasher. Simple yet fast way to clean your blender with not much to worry – that’s what you’ll get. 

As for the Nutri Ninja, every piece is totally dishwasher safe. They don’t have any chemical or property that could cause other objects inside to get contaminated.

For the base, a simple swipe with a towel will be enough (rarely needed).

But if you prefer, a simple rinse with water and soap will be enough to clean the cups and lids.

Final Verdict

Now we’re on the verge of deciding which one to go for. This is not an easy job, mainly because they are very alike. Luckily, they are not the same in many other aspects. Here’s our final opinion about each:

The Magic Bullet is the best option if you are in a tiny apartment and you need something reliable enough to tackle most blending jobs.

The smallness and overall design make it easy to use, as well. And the performance is decent for its size.
But you won’t be able to make large blends or crush things like ice or frozen fruits or vegetables. Still, it works well enough for most users.

The Nutri Ninja, on the other hand, delivers more than decent performance and comes with a larger design. It won’t fit in tiny kitchens, but any countertop with more than 14-inches of height will be more than ideal.

Still, this one crushes anything you put inside. And with its larger cup, you’ll have enough for up to two glasses of blend depending on your needs. Surely though, it is effortless to use.

So, What Should You Go For?

It comes down to your needs. We think the Magic Bullet works for anyone who wants to save money and kitchen space. It won’t have the highest-rated performance, but it’s still decent.

And the Nutri Ninja works for any person who wants a small enough blender with a powerful performance overall. It won’t let you down in any way.

Go for the one that best meets with your expectations. This way, you’ll ensure a more satisfying experience over the long term.

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