The Best Cakes To Have In Different Seasons

The Best Cakes To Have In Different Seasons

Seasons are the petals of the flower that make a year. There are different layers of weather that give variations to a time frame of 365 days.

While most of us are probably most familiar with there being just four seasons each year, some parts of the world categorize their seasons into five groups. Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Winter, and Spring are amongst the five major seasons that are experienced globally. 

It doesn’t mean in any way that the entire world experiences these seasons. It just means that the seasons that different parts of the world experience, fall amongst this list of five main seasons. Every region experiences varying seasons.

For example, one country might get to experience all five seasons throughout the year, while the other one might experience only one or two seasons throughout the year. That’s how beautiful the variations are from one geographical region to another. 

The transition from one season to another is also breathtakingly beautiful. We switch our clothing, food, and even daily schedule in accordance with the seasons. Talking specifically about food, we have to say that there is a different joy attached to having a specific food item during a particular season.

There could be different reasons behind this. It could be that the ingredients of the food items that you relish during one season are strictly seasonal – like mangoes or watermelon during Summer, or that you simply enjoy having that food item during that season, like hot cocoa and gingerbread men in the Winter.

Similarly, the cakes you bake and eat might be different during different seasons. Here are some of the best cakes to have based on the season. 

The Mischievous Mango Cake For Your Summer Fun 

Summer is the brightest season and it is very powerful indeed. To match the intensity of this honorable season, we have the strongly flavored mango cake which we have to name the mischievous mango cake for obvious reasons. Make your own or enjoy it freshly baked from FlowerAura’s online cake delivery in Gurgaon

The Romantic Red Velvet For Your Monsoon Madness 

Monsoon is presumably romantic. The sky falls in ways of tiny droplets upon the earth to wash the dirt away and refresh things. The season goes very well with the sweet and ecstatic red velvet cake, which is justified by the adjective “romantic”. 

The Comforting Cinnamon Cake For Your Autumnal Bliss 

Autumn is the season of a beautiful transformation and it reminds us that not all changes have to be uncomfortable. It teaches us that changes don’t have to be bad at all. In fact, the changes are much needed and work in our favor. It is a form of wish fulfillment.

Our sacred prayers are answered forever in the months of autumn. So, it is important to be grounded and be prepared to receive what we have been asking for. The lovely smelling and delicious tasting cinnamon cake is perfect for the autumn, and we love to call it the comforting cinnamon cake because that’s what it is. 

The Luxurious Lava Cake For Your Wintry Adventure 

Winter is the time of rest but the weather is so exciting that it is hard for the fun-spirited ones to stay at home all the time. It would be a waste of the precious season of winter if we didn’t go out and find warmth within the cold.

So, pair your comfort with an adventure during the winter months with the only lava cake which we can’t help but call, the luxurious lava cake.

There are different flavors like chocolate, red velvet, etc, when it comes to the varieties of the luxurious lava cake and you are called upon to try all of them at least once in your life. It’s fun to try them all, but when it comes to lava cakes, you really can’t beat a chocolate lava cake.

The Vivacious Vanilla Cake For Your Spring Solace 

Springtime is all about fertility. It is the time of full bloom when pretty things like fresh flowers and lovely butterflies are born. It’s a time of new beginnings and fresh starts, trees,  big and small, are laden with delicate green leaves and the flowers are blooming.

Some might think that vanilla is plain and boring but don’t make the mistake of not considering vanilla a real flavor. It is more than a real flavor. It is one of the most natural flavors and scents. What’s more, because of its relative neutrality, vanilla is great for pairing with other flavors.

When it comes to cake, vanilla is beautifully paired with white chocolate. You can opt for a traditional vanilla cake, or go for a denser white chocolate mud cake, either way, the natural white color of the cakes allows you to really let your cake decorating skills shine – from colored sprinkles to edible flowers, your vanilla cake will look (and taste) great!

So, no matter what the season, there is always a cake to suit your occasion! Mix and match if you like, you can’t really get it wrong, cake tastes great no matter what time of year you are in!

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