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13 Amazing Benefits of Using A Water Softener in Your Home

Who doesn’t need water every day? You would agree that it’s the most common basic need in the world. Water is needed not just for survival, but to help us to perform many daily tasks in our lives.

However, the water we consume and use may not be completely safe all the time! Thus, putting you, your money and home somewhat in risky conditions.

In general, the water found in the U.S. is what’s known as hard water, and the same goes for some other parts of the world. You might be aware that hard water contains many inorganic particles including calcium, iron, sulfur, magnesium, limestone, and lead.

Even the water flowing in your city may be contaminated by industrial run-offs and waste from sewage if you are unlucky.

Ultimately, you are prone to having unfiltered or hard water, which may not be completely “unsafe” all the time, but it’s not fully safe either. You have a right to have the best.

So why take the risk even if it is minimal when you can make your water better?

Water softening is a process that removes the impurities and minerals from any hard water thus clearing the likely negative effects on your home. The water softener systems are there to help you out in this regard.

And this system has a mammoth sum of benefits. Seems interesting?

Keep reading and we’ll explore the benefits of using a water softener in your home.

Water Softener Using Benefits At Home

1. Reduce Your Water Pipes’ Repair Cost

Curb Down Your Water Pipes’ Repair Cost

If you find yourself seemingly constantly needing to call a plumber in order to fix your clogging pipes, it might not be your pipes’ fault at all, but rather your hard water that is causing problems with your pipes. It might be time to stop forking out big money to plumbers and find a way to soften your water.

The hard water that is coming to your home is bringing magnesium, calcium, and other mineral particles that can block your water supply now and then. As a result, you might be having frequent damage and poor water supply in your water system.

Not to worry! The natural mineral build-up can be eliminated by using a water softener.

This system will remove minerals that are harmful to your pipelines and then convert your hard water into soft. Moreover, a water softener will also keep your pipelines clean for an extended period preventing recurring repairs and saving you money spent on a plumber.

2. Care For Clothes


Who wants to shorten the lifetime of their clothes, make them hideous or feel uncomfortable? We all know that clothing means a lot to us and it’s good to care for and look after our clothes as best we can.

Well, washing your clothes with hard water could be damaging your clothes and shortening their lifespan as well as comfort.

Be mindful that hard water comes with substances, which can cause damage to the micro-fibers of your clothes.

On the flip side, soft water does care for your clothes. Soft water is gentle and kind to your clothes leaving them softer, more comfortable and helping them to last longer. Soft water will still get rid of the dirt from your clothes but also care for them as well.

Some researchers claim that using a salt-less water softener advances the quality of fabrics by 15% while washing your clothes as well as making them brighter and cleaner.

3. Get Hair-And Skin-Friendly Water

Infographic source: Polaroidfotobar.com

We all love to use quality beauty products like soaps and shampoos on our skin and hair. But, is using a quality product enough to really look after your skin and hair?

Of course, the answer is “No”.

The quality of the water has a great role to play to affect your hair transformation and your overall skin condition. You know what we’re going to say – hard water is a common problem in skin and hair care.

It brings a lifeless look to your hair and makes your skin dry. It may also trap the dirt coming out of your body creating molecular particles from your soap.

If you do not want this happening, you may wish to buy a water softener system for your loving home. The system can help you eliminate impurities from water and rejuvenate your body.

A water softener makes the bacteria flush away and eventually can give you softer skin and healthier hair.

Owning a water softener system, you can say goodbye to hair and skin irritations and welcome a fresh-looking and healthier you.

4. Less Maintenance For Home Appliances

I assume that you own bundles of home appliances that use water like a humidifier, washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioner and the like. They have a certain lifespan that would be preserved with quality maintenance and care.

The lack of awareness regarding proper maintenance and hard water makes the water-utilizing home appliances prone to frequent damage and repair.

This is because hard water affects the inner mechanism, parts, and efficiency of appliances and ultimately eats away the lifespan of your expensive appliances.

Be mindful that your water choice may make a huge difference in your life! So, it might be a good idea to get a home softener to solve these issues.

5. Get Better Water Taste


You may not be in a position to drink water from a faucet directly without worrying about the health risk. Depending on where you live, direct water from a tap can be not-so-good in taste and smell and can also be unhygienic as it contains some minerals, which are horrid in smell and taste.

However, some people still use this unpurified water because they are unaware about the danger or have no choice.

As you are reading this article, I can assume that you do have options to choose the better and you are conscious about your health.

So, why not make your water taste better?

Imagine having a water softener in your home – it will remove unnecessary minerals and offer you odorless and healthy yet great-tasting water. Sounds pretty good, right?

6. Save Your Money


Obviously the initial investment in a water softener is going to cost you some money in the beginning, but, ultimately, the installation of a water softener will end up saving you money. Let’s find out how…

Once you have such a system in your home, you are likely to have less frequent damage to your pipes and appliances. You won’t need to call the plumbers as often as you have in the past, so you won’t need to allow space in your budget for repair and maintenance of your home appliances.

You’ll have your initial investment back in no time when you think of all of those plumbing bills that you’ll no longer need to fork out for. And your appliances will run smoothly and for longer so you won’t need to replace those as often as before either, saving you more money in the long run.

Moreover, a water softener system also helps in reducing your electricity bills. Quality and less disruptive appliances always consume less energy. So, the less energy needed to operate the appliances, the lower the electricity bills will be.

So, by installing a water softening system, you’ll be allowing your appliances to run at their peak performance level and consuming the minimum amount of energy required to run. You’ll also be ensuring you get the most out of them both in daily use and in their longevity. When we put it like that, you’d be crazy not to get a water softener!

7. Extend The Life Of The Appliances

As mentioned before, a water softener system “softens” the water in an attempt to make your hard water into soft water. It is done by removing unnecessary minerals from your water.

This process actually helps your appliances to have an extended life cycle. It is further true for those appliances which are not manufactured for or meant to use with hard water.

If you’ve got appliances in your house that are not intended to be used with hard water, you will likely end up with a clogging issue due to the build up of minerals from the water.

Therefore, you may get 7 to 8 years of a lifetime instead of a full quality output of, say, 10 years. So, a water softener can be a lifesaver for your home appliances and help them to last longer.

8. Spend Less Money On Soap And Detergents

Water is an integral part of soap usage. Soap (and detergents) work by breaking the surface tension of water droplets. What most people don’t realise is, soap gets different sorts of chemical reactions based on the type of water used – hard water or soft water.

Hard water makes the soap less lathery or resistant, meaning you need to buy and use more to get your stuff cleaned properly. Hard water also makes your appliances spend more time on cleaning to remove sticky strains.

So, it’s easy to see that you can save a lot of soap when you just install a water softener in your home. Soft water helps you to get a better soap lather and thus requires you to use less soap to clean easily.

Some water softener installation companies showed a scientific finding that soap usage dropped by 80% when we actively use soft water in our cleaning process. However, the result in the real-life scenario could be different.

Some say the reduction of soap usage is 50% to 60% with detergents, shampoos, dishwashing soap, washing powder, and the like when we use soft water instead of hard water. Although, these percentages are well below 80%, the figure for savings is still great!

9. Say Goodbye To Water Spots

Although kitchen utensils might look washed and clean, there might be some stains and water spots. Sometimes, these spots leave permanent marks on the utensils which are actually due to mineral buildup from, you guessed it, hard water.

Often people blame their dishwasher for this but, in this instance, the hard water might be the real culprit, not the dishwasher. Such spot contamination caused by mineral particles could be avoided by using soft water.

If you notice water spots and stains on your kitchen cutlery a lot, it would definitely be worth trying a water softener in your home.

10. Spend Less Time On Cleaning

Take the hardship out of cleaning – well, some of it anyway! Cleaning with soft water should actually help you to reduce your cleaning time as soap and detergents work so much more efficiently with soft water than they do with hard water.

And, an added bonus, cleaning with soft water is much gentler on your hands than cleaning with hard water so, when you’ve finished, you should have soft, silky smooth hands.

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11. Make Your Heating System An Efficient One

If your home heating system is one that requires water, switching to soft water will make the system much more efficient.

The usage of soft water in the heating pipes improves the competence of the system. Lower heat loss translates into more output in energy.

An increase in energy efficiency not only means a warmer home, as your heating system will be working at optimum level, but you’ll also save money on your energy bills – win-win! 

12. Minimize The Risk Of Minor Skin Diseases

So, we learned before that soft water is good for your skin, hair and daily beauty routine, but, did you know that soft water is not just good for your skin, it can actually help minimize skin diseases?

Scientific studies have revealed that water softener systems help to avoid the contraction of some skin related diseases such as eczema and dry skin problems. The usage of soft water can also help you to make your skin clearer, bouncy and more resilient. Meaning that it is helping you to have a younger-looking you!

13. Get A Speedy Return On Your Investment

You may expect to have your return on investment within two to four years. The information highlighted above suggests that the water softener systems save a lot of money by lessening the repair and maintenance cost and the use of soap, detergents, and the like.

This means you are likely to get back your invested money as quickly as possible, not to mention you’ll already be enjoying all of the benefits a water softener has to offer. 

All of the benefits highlighted above suggest that if you use a water softener system right now, it can pay for itself in the future. This might be one of the reasons why you should consider having a water softener system.

In a nutshell, you now have plenty of reasons why you should purchase a water softener system right away. This system will make your life more comfortable and safer for sure.

Just by installing a water softening system in your home, you’ll be enjoying cleaner, tastier water, softer skin and hair, easier and more efficient cleaning, softer and longer lasting clothes and your appliances will work more efficiently and last longer.

As well as all of this, you won’t need to buy as much soap and detergent, will not need to call plumbers out to fix your pipes as often, and you’ll be enjoying reduced monthly bills and increased efficiency on your home appliances while making them last longer.

It seems a no brainer, right? Get a water softener system today, then sit back and enjoy all of the benefits of using a water softener in your home. We’re sure you’ll be glad that you did – let us know how you go!

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  1. Great article! I had no idea that the appliances work better and longer because of the absence of hard water build-up. From what I’ve heard, installing a water softener is expensive. But I guess it is worth an investment because of the added benefits if you are having one at home. I’ll surely recommend this to my husband. Also, I found out from this page that water softener is easy to maintain.

  2. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that a water softener can help your clothes last longer. My wife and I have four kids, so that can add up to quite a bit of expense when it comes to clothing. I’d prefer to not have to replace it as frequently, so I’ll definitely look into having a water softener installed. Thanks for the great post!

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