What Is Sour Honey

What Is Sour Honey? Is Sour Honey a Cancer Cure? Know All About Sour Honey

We all know that honey contains many essential nutrients, enzymes, and important antibacterial properties and thus it plays a substantial role in our lives.  

But with over 300 different varieties of honey available to choose from it can be hard to know which is the best honey to buy.

Having said that, there’s honey, and then there’s the special honey! Not all honeys are created equal! Some are just good for eating while others offer a host of medicinal properties. Some of these “special” honeys include Pasture, Manuka, Royal Jelly, and Nigerian Jungle honey.

Each of these types of honey have been shown to have incredible benefits under laboratory tests conducted by scientists from different parts of the globe.

However, this article is all about “sour honey” as it seems to be the new talk of the town!

As you are reading this write-up, you might be one of many who have heard that sour honey is a cure for cancer! And you might be looking for an absolute or dependable answer before taking any move regarding sour honey.

I can assure you that you are in the right place – we’re going to take a thorough look at “sour honey” and examine the claims that it can cure cancer from a completely unbiased perspective.

We do not sell sour honey (or any other cancer treatment) so rest assured that the information within this article is not intended to persuade you to rush out and buy any miracle cures.

Let’s begin by finding out what sour honey actually is – I mean honey is sweet so how can it be sour?

What Is Sour Honey? 

The truth is, the so-called “sour honey” does not really exist, at least, not the namesake sour honey and its associated benefits claimed by many promoters!

All the varieties of honey produced in this world are inherently sweet in nature. However, there is a type of honey which is produced from blossom nectar of the sourwood tree. When it comes to taste, it is not even sour, but sweet.

So, is sour honey called sour honey because it originates from the sourwood tree? Apparently not! When people talk about “sour honey” that cures cancer they are not even talking about the honey that comes from the nectar of the sourwood tree.

The miracle “sour honey” that supposedly cures cancer seems to actually be referring to a different substance called propolis, which is not actually honey at all.

The Origin of the Rumor Regarding Sour Honey!

In general, rumors are man made stories which have no scientific basis and have very little or even no connection with the real-life world.

What’s more, most of the time, these rumors are based on personal interest or gain rather than scientific research that can confirm that there has been some proof that they (rumored subjects) really exist or work!

And the same goes for sour honey! It is just a conspiracy theory which has something to do with politics! Not to mention that this rumor is also fueled up by some ever-scheming and crooked pharmaceuticals companies.

Allow me to take you back to know when and why this rumor came into existence. It all started during the period of November 2016 when the American presidential election came into force. You might remember that on one side, Hillary Clinton was a candidate for Democrats and Donald Trump was a Republican candidate, on the other team.

During this election period, some propagandists promoted the idea that the inherent properties of “sour honey” made in Brazil can cure cancer Of course everybody in the world would love to know that there is a cure for cancer so this marketing campaign became an overnight sensation and “went viral” just as the promoters were hoping for.

This rumor got a further boost when many promoters claimed that Hillary Clinton along with a group of “immoral pharmaceutical cartel” was aware that this “sour honey” could cure cancer, but they kept it hidden from the public for the sake of their own financial gains and selfishness.

The Made-Up Story: How so-called Sour Honey serves as a Cancer Cure?

The story is, this so-called “sour honey” is produced at a remote area in the Brazilian jungle where bees produce this particular kind of honey and the properties of this honey have remained intact for many, many years.

The honey has been tested in the laboratories and found miraculous results as claimed by the rumor! The claim further added that in the test environment, “sour honey” made a way to destroy about 13% of cancer affected breast cells instantaneously.

The scientists then carried out another study where human-like mice tumors were tested, and here, the “sour honey” was able to stop the spread of cancer by 50%! The claim sounds quite interesting, right?

The promoters of the rumors then went one step further and started creating YouTube videos and writing dedicated articles demonstrating many other medical miracles that “sour honey” was responsible for. The core message of all these attempts was that Brazilian Sour Honey cured cancer.

Is Sour Honey a Cancer Cure? Your Right to Know!

For a long time, “bee glue” or propolis has been promoted and sold as “sour honey” in some areas of the world. And this had been used in the making of conventional medicines for millennia.

Propolis or bee glue has appeared to be successful in dealing with a number of diseases including cold sores, genital herpes, post-surgery mouth pain, and bone disease.

However, as of today, there is no scientific proof that the medicinal properties of bee glue are effective in healing cancer. As mentioned before, a group of promoters has claimed that the “sour honey”, which is actually bee glue, is a sure cure for cancer! This is no way near to the truth!

Some crooked marketers will go even further and twist the truth for you! For example, they will try to convince you by saying that a chemical named Artepillin-C which is found in honey, has been proven to cure cancer.

Although this is nothing but speculation, some research found that Artepillin-C shows potential in combating some types of cancer, namely colon and prostate cancer. However, the researchers failed to find unquestionable proof which says that it cures cancer.

Having said that if we resort to those tests, we will find that only animals were tested in this regard. So, it is not clear whether this chemical has the same potential to combat cancer cells found in the human body.

As of now, it is imminent that the promotions for sour honey and the cancer treatment are merely smart marketing tactics that use unverified research data to boost the sale of a centuries-old product under a hood of a new name.

Summing it all up, I can tell you that this so-called “sour honey” or bee glue or propolis is genuinely not a cure for cancer, at least for today!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) of Regarding Brazilian Sour Honey

1. Is there any honey which produced Sour?

The answer is a “big no”. Honey is typically produced sweet. However, if it ferments, it transforms into sour and gains a nasty taste.

2. What is Brazilian Sour Honey? 

The Brazilian sour honey is nothing but bee glue or propolis.

3. What does Propolis mean?

Propolis or bee glue is a material that is created by bees from natural fluids and resins. In general, when a tree gets injured, it yields fluids at the area of injury as a part of the healing process. Then bees carry these materials to their hive in order to mix it with beeswax and enzymes in making bee glue.

4. What are the advantages of Propolis?

Propolis comprises antimicrobial properties, and thus bees use it in an attempt to keep their hives unharmed from infectious diseases.

The goodness of this propolis also extends to us, the human being. It helps us to be safe from infections such as colds and flu. Propolis also proved to be useful when it comes to fighting against allergies, pain, and bone diseases.

5. Are Propolis Substances Safe?

In general, we consume a small amount of propolis whenever we take honey. Although there are no convincing scientific studies available to say whether propolis is safe or not, it is generally considered safe not only for regular humans but also for pregnant women.

6. Should I take Capsules or Tablets made by Propolis or use the Liquid Form?

Propolis is available in capsule/tablet form as well as in a liquid/tincture preparation. You would probably be best to take the tablets or capsules if it is for overall health and wellbeing or to treat something internally.

Having said that propolis tincture might suit you best if you aim to deal with an issue related to your external body parts like a problem on your skin. The tincture comes in handy for your gums and teeth as well.

On the flip side, if you aim to deal with an internal issue, the capsules and tablets might give you the better result.

7.Among these, which is the Best Way?

The effectiveness of propolis is typically similar among all available forms whether capsules or tablets or in liquid forms. So, the choice of form is basically related to personal preference. That means, you can take any of them based on your choice.

8. Is there anything else that I should know before purchasing a Propolis Product?

Propolis capsules are usually manufactured with bovine gelatin so, if you are vegan or vegetarian, it would be better not to go for capsule form, but the tablets or the liquid form should be fine.

The Bottom Line

So, is “sour honey” something you should spend your money on? It’s not easy to answer that question. First you need to determine what is meant by “sour honey”. As we’ve explained previously, “sour honey” does not really exist, it was just an exciting buzz term used to spread some “fake news” about curing cancer and conspiracy theories that go along with it.

To name a substance “sour honey” if it is produced from the nectar of the flowers of the sourwood tree makes sense (after all Manuka honey is named due to the source of the nectar, the manuka plant). But that type of honey is just a regular type of honey – don’t expect to produce any medical miracles with it. The “sour honey” excitement that caused the buzz about miracle cures for cancer seems to be referring to the substance known as bee glue or propolis.

If this is the case, it’s not actually a type of honey at all but a different by-product from the bees. Semantics for sure, but it’s best to understand what you’re dealing with especially when it comes to your health. Call it what you like, sour honey or propolis, but this substance does seem to have some amazing health benefits associated with it.

It calms allergies and deals with microbial infections and bone disease treatment. It also comes in handy in alleviating post-surgery pain. But, as far as treating cancer goes, don’t waste your money. There has been no scientific proof that propolis can cure cancer.

That being said, cancer, and more specifically the medical treatment we currently use to treat cancer, weakens the immune system. And thus, such a situation may make a patient vulnerable to have bacterial infections and other health conditions including surgeries where a patient needs to deal with pain afterward.

And this is where propolis could be of use to cancer patients. If you or a loved one are suffering from cancer, propolis may be able to help fight off infections and aid in recovery from treatment. Just don’t rely on it to cure cancer – that’s what your oncology team is there for.

If you or someone you know has used “sour honey” or propolis, we’d love to hear about your experience (good or bad) with it.

Share it here so others can read about your experience – you never know, your story might help someone. Likewise, if you’ve found a credible source that has new scientific proof or evidence that sour honey can cure cancer or any other disease we’d love to hear about it.

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